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Download Super Bluetooth hack

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Hacking is the action of getting into a PC or media device without the consent of the owner. These days there are a lot of methods to hack into computers and other hardware devices but hacking is illegal in almost all countries. However, you can use the good aspects of this technology for personal use. Super Bluetooth Hack is one such software that is designed to hack into a mobile phone. This software uses Bluetooth AT commands to get access to target device and read its contents. Super Bluetooth hacks can be used to read SMS message, contacts, start or shutdown, make calls on a less secure target mobile phone.


Download Super Bluetooth hack  :

Download Super Bluetooth hack

Though the name of this software is Bluetooth hack, basically it doesn’t have the ability for any kind of real hacking. You first need to turn ON the bluetooth functionality in the target device and start scanning for adjacent phones. Then click on “connect” option from the software interface. After that you can make calls, send messages, read SMS, contacts, ON or OFF the target mobile device. It is also heard that in some low security phones you could make this Bluetooth hack work without paring or making an initial connection.

Download Super Bluetooth Hack

Download Super Bluetooth hack 1.8

Super Bluetooth hack is a Java application. So it would work on Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and other old handsets (preferably old). Disappointing? Well there are some other real mobile spying application that let you track a person or mobile phone completely. Read about FlexySpy software to know more.

(Spying on mobile and personal data is illegal in some countries. Keep that in mind before purchasing or using any such application.)

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194 Responses to “Download Super Bluetooth hack”
  1. Anonymous says:

    bluetooth hack for mobiles

  2. Anonymous says:

    hack mobile Bluettoth

  3. admin says:

    Download Super Bluetooth hack

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. parisss says:

    hey is this software works in sony f305
    if yes den how ….?????

  6. Anonymous says:

    ooo yeahhhh :)) ;)) ;;) 😀 😉 :p :(( :) :( :X =(( 😮 :-/ :-* 😐 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s great program for having fun and seeing other peoples secrets. Really it can be very funny. I hope it works!?!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Its really working =))))

  9. Anonymous says:

    how do you do it

  10. Anonymous says:

    it actualy works 😛

  11. Anonymous says:

    why the language not english? its spanish or wutever i dont understand! my phone’s nokia n76

  12. Anonymous says:

    no u just need 2 change the language 2 English then it will change into English

  13. Anonymous says:

    Is this tool works from my k550i to other?
    And explain me in which file i will locate to work it i tried from applications and are two programs one says (BT INFO) and the other (Bluetooth hack) wich of two i will use?
    Explain me please.

  14. Ahmed says:



  15. Anonymous says:

    how do i change launguage?

  16. McCarron43 says:

    how do i change the launguage

  17. McCarron43 says:

    how can i change the launguage

  18. need some help says:

    It works partionaly, can't get acces to the text messages.
    plz some help , destination phone to hack is 3110c, source is a 6300.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Works great on my blackberry 8320(curve)
    I Wish there was an app like this for the iPhone 3g though that would be pretty cool

  20. Anonymous says:

    Change the language to English:
    If the software starts with the language “Slovencina”, you can change it to English on this way:
    1.If you start the application for the first time you see “Nastavenia” in the title.
    2. Go a bit down until you see “Jazyk”.
    3. Click choose.
    4. Select “English”.
    5. Click “More”.
    6. Click “Spat”.
    7. Now the program is in English.


  21. abri says:

    here to hack akkun bank

  22. Anonymous says:

    how to install this shit

  23. Anonymous says:

    You copy "this shit" .jar file in one of the directories on your phone (if you have sony ericsson you should copy it into the "other" directory) than you can install it using your phone.

  24. Anonymous says:

    yaar does it work in SE f305…yaar plzzzz rpl…
    if not den which hackin app on f305..

  25. Anonymous says:

    i click inquiry devices and gets out of the application (i have a N95 8GB)

  26. Anonymous says:

    thanks, it works, thanks for the language changing!

  27. Anonymous says:

    hey after enquiring the devices. it not getting connected to the desired mobile

  28. Anonymous says:

    why isnt it letting me press inquiary devices??

  29. Anonymous says:

    is working on nokia 770 internet tablet??

  30. Anonymous says:

    you can't download it any time :-L

  31. Anonymous says:

    it is not working on my sony ericsson f305. what to do plz help me???

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hei .I have a Nokia 5800 express music and i don,t know how to install it. Can you help me?:D

  33. Anonymous says:

    this is shit you need a permission of the other device. This is a child toy!

  34. Monster says:

    It doesn't work in my nokia 5800:(( :((

  35. vicky says:

    hey dude thanks i'm having :D:D:D:D:D:D:D lot of fun with my ftndz with this software=))=))=))=))=))

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have the software but i cannot click the "Inquiry Devices" or "From List" buttons. Can somebody please help me out?

  37. Anonymous says:

    is it free and legal?

  38. Anonymous says:

    can some 1 tell me how this suoer bluetooth hack works no my w810i plzzzzzzzzz u can E-MAIL me on THANKS

  39. Lestat says:

    well it would be illegal if u didnt have to ask for permission. so its a good thing just be cunning

  40. Dhendhie says:

    greeaatttt !!
    for about hacking please visit to :

  41. amit says:

    does it work on window mobile 6..? anyone have link to download for WM6…
    pm at-

  42. Marc says:

    hey chance to win a Nokia N97 at just Rs20 + your amount. So dont waste time and grab it only at

  43. Anonymous says:

    itz nt wrkin on se f305 …..???????????!!!! vat to do

  44. Anonymous says:

    ~x( yo mama this shit dont work

  45. Suburbs says:


  46. Anonymous says:

    Hey man its really good
    works on my SE k790i
    too good

    hacck and enjoyyyyyyyyyy

  47. Anonymous says:

    hey does it work on a lg kp500

  48. alex says:

    esta de pocamadre..!!!!!! te diviertes alo grande..!!!!!!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    how do i get this application onto my blackberry plz help

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hey um does it work for the LG KS360???

  51. squirrel says:

    does it work for sciphones?

  52. rahul says:

    cud not able to understand the language when installed the software in e63

  53. Dania Javaid says:

    its not working on my nokia 5800 :(
    well when em downloading file so itx type is .zip :S
    which is not supportd by my cell phone
    how should i change it to .jar type ?? :S

  54. antony g says:

    how do i work it on nokia 5530 express music ?

  55. Anonymous says:

    yo i have 5130 xpress music is there any such
    application for this mobile plz help me?

  56. Anonymous says:

    i can use it on Nokia 2760, why?

  57. Anonymous says:

    how to download

  58. Anonymous says:

    i got it on my phone, but
    its in a weird language and i cant change it into english

  59. Anonymous says:

    you are too dumb to use this if .. 1. You can't install the app or 2. are incapable of reading the phone list i found 5 phones that you asked for? Pleasd read comments before posting..

  60. iyekski says:

    it doesnt work on my k700i… when i tried to click on devices inquiry or from list, it doesnt do wnything

  61. hiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    i got it on my phone, but
    its in a weird language and i cant change it into english

  62. Anonymous says:

    how to download it man

  63. Anonymous says:

    my nokia N82 can't open it because of the file type. can someone help me fix this

  64. Anonymous says:

    It works fine. Read the comments about changing the language before posting the same questions.

    There is a list at the top of the page idiots. If your phone is not there, then it does not work.

    Stop asking stupid questions about it.

  65. craig hall says:

    does this work on the samsung SGH-T469

  66. Anonymous says:

    doesnt work nokia 5800 xpressmusic

  67. Anonymous says:

    es funktioniert nicht auf nokia 5800 kann mir jemand helfen

  68. Anonymous says:

    thanx virk 4 language change

  69. Anonymous says:

    how do i pt it on my phone i have a sony ericsson c902 when i put it on my phone in others folder it comes up with a zip file when i extract with winrar it comes with lodes of files but how do i install

  70. Anonymous says:

    doesnt work in k700i
    requires jsr82

  71. Anonymous says:

    the software doesn't work on samsung E250's :-(((((((

  72. Anonymous says:

    where do i find tue super bth hack i cant find a link

  73. Anonymous says:


  74. Anonymous says:

    it is great to have this

  75. imran says:

    its gr8 to see what other have

  76. Anonymous says:

    Please someone help me… I am trying to download this programm but it is too diffucult for me…Could you please tell me how i can download it????? thanks a lot….

  77. Anonymous says:

    Does this work with the samsung moment or any android phone?

  78. Anonymous says:

    dude..where is da download

  79. Dude says:

    can anyone tell me how to change the default Bluetooth file storager folder in windows mobile 6

  80. Nirmalya Das says:

    After the download I cant find the instalation file.How can I download it?

  81. ramoj says:

    hai i have downloaded super bluetooth hack.. in my htc mobile.. but it does not working… shows in different language… could you please post english version link… that would b easy to understand thank you… ramoj

  82. Ajay Yadav says:

    will anyone help me about How to install it on nokia2600 classic as it doesn’t support .zip files. plz reply if anyone know about it

  83. xxx says:

    It doesn’t work on nokia 5800,I want to know is there any application like bluetooth hack for nokia 5800.I think it only support for java phone.

  84. Culguy says:

    Man this is realy gud

  85. samir says:

    doesnt work in C905

  86. paranoid says:

    I’ve put it on ma sonyericsson k800i…..but da language is seems alien talks to me …..can anyone help me ??

  87. Ryan says:

    i have an LG xenon and it doesnt have a menu that says more? what do i do?

  88. nmalviya says:

    can i see memori card contains of another mobile using bluetooth hack

  89. Chronjit says:

    Bluetooth hack

  90. CJ says:

    would u show me how to change the language please

  91. CJ says:

    could u help me change the language please?

  92. animix says:

    please, is this logiciel compatible with LG KS360 ?

  93. mongol says:

    hey it is LG phone bluetooth hack

  94. Ajay says:

    Wanted to sell my nokia N93.intrested may contact

  95. tushar says:

    how 2 change d language

  96. shakeel says:

    Plz tell me how to insall this software of nokia 6600 old version

  97. ANONIMO says:

    cual es la pagina para descargar super bluetooth hack

  98. pankaj says:

    Please send bluetooth hacker for my nokia 5800 music Xpress
    immediately and as soon as possible.
    I need it really in true sense.

  99. bokey says:

    thankyou that helped :)

  100. said says:

    pobleme telchrage

  101. Lukey says:

    Havent been able to download yet?

  102. om says:

    after the downloading and instaletion it is not supporting my sony ericson w350 mobile phone.
    what is the problem? it shows the application error.

  103. lul says:

    those who cannot read the .zip, extract it first on your pc and then put the folder on the phone.

    now, my problem its just that i cant read any message. in some phones i can read the phone book, others the imei and stuff, but couldnt read any message in any of them.

  104. Didas says:

    I appreciate your services

  105. Dizztar says:

    can somebody please notify me when they find out a way to download it on LG KS360 (Webslider)

  106. mike says:

    i click download and it said “unsuported content” on my samsung A877, any reason why?

  107. maxou says:

    ok it is working on nokia 5800, but then you are connected the application freeze


    and nothing… need help

  108. sumant kumar, INDIA says:

    heloo , everybody i have no idea bluetoothhacker , please give me some idea how to access bluetooth software in my nokia7210 please

  109. PREMENDRA says:


  110. Maniac93 says:

    Hp twaks

  111. Solomon david says:

    This web is simply the best.

  112. Psco says:

    Hi i need a opera mini 5 browser software, pls help me.

  113. Kobby diesel says:

    Wanna know whether this application is compactible with sgh

  114. jharyl says:

    Works great on my Nokia X6! *Thumb up*
    And for those of you not even knowing the basicstaff of .zip, .jar, java, install appz on the phone: Go and use Jamba

  115. sajid says:

    i want to download this software for nokia 6233 handset please help me out

  116. mickey says:

    no work on my samsung j700
    please help !!!! or make new hack sor samsung phones!

  117. ganesh says:

    this is shit waste of time.. u won get any.. it doesn work ay alll.. crap 2 this

  118. ming says:

    I am using nokia 5320
    after the connection
    It only display
    and nothing appear for further use
    is it not working for my model?

  119. raja says:

    hell boss any one can tell me samsung gt s 5233 wifi how to intall this software also tell mobile wap site plz tell me or send me this number massage +919701888752

  120. m4nd0s says:

    does it work for Samsung moment?

  121. r4y4d0s says:

    i think so

  122. s4ywh4t says:


  123. Ernerst Owusu says:

    am very appreciate your service, i have software already on my phone and some of function are not working, only messaging i can read in someone phone i want my phone to hack my another phone credit to make a call why can i do it, i need help please hope to here true my E-mail.

  124. RAMESH says:


  125. Dinesh says:

    Pls help me install this software into my sony k790i
    I dont know how to install it

  126. Ashwani says:

    How to instal bt h
    in nokia 3500 classic

  127. fabio says:

    please can i have super blutooth

  128. New says:

    How can I have Super Bluetooth Hack in my phon(Sony Ericsson W350i)?

  129. ten says:

    why can’t download???? shittt…

  130. kumar says:

    plz give how 2 install in phone

  131. zAAz says:


  132. Tony says:

    This does not work in my mobile micromax q3.. it has been installed but the blue tooth is not searching any device

  133. Deepak says:

    Too gud

  134. Aditya says:

    Hello sir, i have download the software ‘super bluetooth hack’ it is given that it will works on nokia 2626 but after downloading it can’t works. I want to know that, what is it’s reason? Please send me it! Thank you!

  135. sri says:

    download fist tell u

  136. randy says:

    my nokia 2760 was not working

  137. shivlal says:


  138. shivlal says:

    please send my 3110c super bluetooth hack

  139. mcd says:

    hey guys plz give me a RPL 4 this model mobile
    mod:nokia 6220 c

  140. Harminder singh Chahal says:

    I have Micromax Q3 mobile phone, i jst wanted to know that can i install this software on this mobile, if yes then how?
    Thanks in advance

  141. gaurav says:

    not fully working with n73 plz help me

  142. gaurav says:

    AT commands for n73 plz post

  143. kenneth says:

    how does it work please enlighten me about it

  144. siddhesh says:

    does it work on nokia 5230 pls tell me

  145. murali says:

    please develope the applicatin of sonyericsson w302.please do it fastly

  146. Hamid says:

    Is This Work On Nokia x6 and x8

  147. Jeff says:

    The software i am searching for my nokia 5130 xpress music for bluetooth hacking is not available.. Either the version is not supported by mobile or the download page does not gets clear..

  148. Ankur says:

    It not support in nokia 3500c please help me

  149. Said says:

    Am so interested bt cant have t coz its not for sony ercsn w595
    Plz make for a w595

  150. zinminthu says:

    i lkie this software

  151. rambaldi says:


  152. rahul says:

    if this software going to ask permition or password from victims mobile then how would u call this is hacking software. i havent tried out this software but is this true that this software ask the permition from victims mobile to hack his phone.

  153. panic says:

    I have dwnld the app correctly on my T-mobile dash 3G target phone is Nokia 5230 nuron but when i hit inqury devices it just goes to a white screen and does nothing. I have got permission from the target phone already. Not sure what im doing wrong plz help.

  154. arif says:

    plz send me link bluetooth hack for mobiles

  155. ishan bajaj says:

    how to dowload Super Bluetooth hack 1.8 ????????????? plzzzzzzz tell me

  156. lakshann says:

    plz send me link bluetooth hack for mobiles

  157. jg says:

    thanks where is it

  158. julija says:

    did i install this spy in samsung s5230

  159. Someone says:

    Can someone make the inquiry devices to disable the accept-reject part whenever get connected. It seems like not really fun when dealing with somebody else because the person need to answer it and mostly, I get the rejected one :(

  160. haroon says:

    find a good thing

  161. SIDDESH says:

    how to dowload Super Bluetooth hack 1.8 ????????????? plzzzzzzz tell me
    can you plz send me the link

  162. zayan khan says:


  163. nawaz says:

    how to dowload Super Bluetooth hack 1.8 ????????????? plzzzzzzz tell me

  164. r%b$+@ says:

    how do i download this

  165. Kashif says:

    Its nt suported my phone my phone is nokia 5310

  166. gourav says:

    How to use super bluetooth hack in samsung corby txt gt-b3210?

  167. vishal singh says:

    the best hacking system

  168. parth says:

    how to download this application???????????????plz helllllllp me,,,…….

  169. matias says:

    coool hope this work

  170. barakat says:

    very nice software

  171. arturo says:

    Hola me gustaria saber si se puede utilizar en un lg kp501.

    Muchas gracias por todo.

  172. raj says:

    hiiiiii varry nice

  173. brajesh solanki says:

    how do i work it on nokia 6630 ?

  174. brajesh solanki says:

    super bluetooth hack very goooooood software for nokia 6630

  175. Anurag says:

    Does it work in samsung wave 723

  176. vimal says:

    how to use this software ? please tell.

  177. gbagszem says:

    can I read other phones gallery using this software?

  178. anuj27 says:

    nice softwere dude

  179. banku says:


  180. oussama says:

    it great

  181. sanu says:




  183. Sakthivel says:

    Superbluetooth hack is a very super software

  184. pramod says:

    do dis softwere work on nokia e72 i have downloaded the softwere but is is not working can any one have the procedure what to do to hack a mobile plz post me at

  185. Tito says:

    the problem is that the most important features do not work like read sms and phonebook
    I have blackberry what is the solution for this

  186. akash says:

    hey i have samsung gt3310
    please tell me how to install it

  187. Si Thu says:


  188. SpyedOn says:

    I bought a Nokia n95 off a family member, I’m pretty sure she is able to access my information? I’m not very phone savvy and she is. How can I tell if my phone is being accessed? How can I stop it? We have a court case going on and I need to know should I just get a new phone, any info appreciated

  189. Sudessh says:

    this software dosnt read messages of nokia mobiles

  190. manoj kumar says:

    i have a lg laptop bluethoot driver

  191. Arvind Rawat (kashipur) says:

    really effective & aggressive for hacking other secrets such as phone directory, files & much more……… may U enjoy it……

  192. Shubham says:

    This is it

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