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Download mobile softwares for Nokia Symbian, Windows mobile, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Java phones

Download NetQin Mobile Antivirus 4

NetQin Mobile  AntiVirus 4 download

NetQin is one famous mobile antivirus company with over 60 million users. They are in the mobile security field from 2005 onwards, and they have more popularity in Chinese market. The first versions of the NetQin Mobile Antivirus were for mobile phones in Symbian platforms. Now NetQin Mobile Anti-virus English edition is available for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android devices. You may think that the software is not as good as Kaspersky, F-secure, ESET or Symantec Mobile security solutions. But with the number smartphones  increasing at a faster rate, theft has become a more serious problem than virus infections. NetQin Mobile Anti-virus has an advanced Anti-Theft feature, and it is completely free download for the Android, Nokia and WM users.
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Free PDF, DOC to ePUB converter for iBooks app in iPhone, iPod or iPad

Free PDF DOC ePUB converter iBooks app iPhone iPod iPad

Free PDF DOC ePUB converter

Apple introduced a new ebook reader application called iBooks in iOS 4.0. The iBooks app works in iPhone 4, 3G S, iPod Touch 4G, iPad and all other compatible iOS devices. It has a more user friendly interface than traditional iOS ebook apps like Stanza, Kindle, etc.,  and it comes with a real book like transition effects, inbuilt dictionary, fast scrolling and lots more features. Similar to the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader, the default format for ebooks in an iBooks library is ePUB, but it also supports PDF formats.  The visual transitions and the inbuilt dictionary check facility  in iBooks works only with  books in the ePUB format. Other document formats like DOC, DOCX, RTF, TFT should be converted to the ePUB or at least PDF to get them work on iBooks for  iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Download F-Secure mobile security 6

F-secure mobile security 6 license key, subscription code

F-secure mobile security 6

F-secure released the new version of its security application for Windows mobile, Symbian, Android and other handsets. The F-secure mobile security 6 is a premier mobile antivirus software, which includes components like Firewall, Anti-Theft and web security. Nowadays, mobile phones have become more than just a communication device. People now make bank transactions, send email and other confidential messages using mobile phones. The F-secure mobile security 6, similar to Kaspersky Mobile security 9 and ESET mobile antivirus offers comprehensive protection against all threats affecting mobile platforms.

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Download Skyfire 2 mobile browser for Android

Download SkyFire 2 mobile browser

SkyFire 2 mobile browser

Now there are several mobile browsers in the market. Most of us know Opera mini, Safari mobile and other default mobile browsers in our handsets. However, there are few other mobile web browser applications, those in some terms are better than the default web browsers. For example, Skyfire and BOLT are two apps that can stream YouTube, MetaCafe and other streaming videos within web pages. Whereas Opera mini and others open an external media player to play FLV videos. Skyfire is completely free and works with Windows mobile, Android, and Symbian handsets. The new version of the browser, Skyfire 2 is now available for Android devices. Skyfire 2 introduces  features like multi-touch, SkyBar, visual tabs etc. that makes browsing much better on Google Nexus One and other latest Android phones.
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BOLT mobile browser version 2 is now available for download

Download Bolt 2 mobile browser

Download Bolt 2 mobile browser

Bitstream announced the development of BOLT 2 web browser for mobile. The exiting BOLT 1.7 provides desktop alike web experience in Windows mobile, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other mobile devices with support for Java software installation. Bolt web browser is somewhat similar to Skyfire on a comparison with its option to play flash videos within the browser itself. BOLT 2 uses server side compression technologies like that  in Opera, to speed up mobile browsing and reduce data charges. The browser added several features from version 1.7. The existing stable download of BOLT browser includes Facebook and Twitter integration, widgets, download manager, improved flash support, etc. The major change in Bolt 2 is the addition of tabbed browsing.

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Download Opera mini 5 and Opera mobile 10 final

Download Opera mobile 10 and Opera mini 5 final

Opera mobile

Opera released the final version of their popular mobile internet browser, Opera mobile and Opera mini. The new Opera mobile 10 and Opera mini 5 have very similar looks and options. Opera mobile was earlier a shareware application designed for Symbian and Windows mobile smartphones. However, it’s completely free from version 10. Opera mini, as usual is free but has support for new devices. Opera mini 5 and Opera mobile 10 final comes with a set of cool additional features. The browsing is much faster and easier.  The default mobile browser in few handsets is slow and incompatible with certain type of web pages. Opera technology reduces the bandwidth requirement and makes the web faster on mobile devices. People with low-end handsets can now enjoy the full web browsing experience with Opera mini 5.0. One thing in which Opera mini and Opera mobile 10 differs is the technology used to process web pages. In Opera mobile the pages are loaded on the phone itself. Whereas in Opera mini 5.0, the pages are first loaded to Opera server and then to a user.

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File locking applications for mobile phones

Like Windows, Mac and other desktop operating systems, mobile phones are also vulnerable to privacy issues. That is the files and folders in mobile phone are public unless locked, and easily accessible to anyone who handle the device. There will be private images, movies, notes, emails, documents and galleries that mobile users needs to hide from others. Best Crypto, Filelock and Filehide are Symbian and Java based file locking applications that are designed to work with Nokia, Sony Ericsson,  Windows mobile, and other mobile devices. Best Crypto is a shareware application But its available for a limited time trial. Filehide and Filelock are based on Java platform and they are completely free.

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