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Mobile phone spy software application

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We earlier shared a mobile spy or hack software called Super Bluetooth hack .Super Bluetooth hack uses Bluetooth technology to connect with adjacent phones to read SMS ,call logs ,make call etc . Actually its not exactly a spying application .Because here the target user need to accept the incoming Bluetooth connection from spying phone . Super Bluetooth hack is not the limit of mobile spy software . There are other mobile spy softwares that work just like keyloggers in Windows or PC to mine data unknowingly .Mobile spying softwares are specially designed to record phone calls ,tap or intercept phone calls ,locate the position of the target using GPS or GPRS , read sent SMS ,etc. So with these applications you can spy on girl friend ,husband ,fiance,wife whoever you are in doubt with . Today we introduce you to one of the most stealth and feature rich mobile spy application FlexiSpy . FlexySpy work on Windows mobile ,iPhone ,Blackberry and Symbain .

FlexiSpy Mobile spy software

The above image shows the working of the FlexySpy mobile spy application .First you need to install the mobile client application on the target device .Unfortunately this should be done physically .The target mobile needs to have a an active internet connection and web browser that should be accessed FlexySpy website to download the software . After installation the spy software will collect data and send it to the remote server .The details and sent data can be accessed anywhere with a computer and active internet connection .

Features of FlexiSpy application :

Find out cheating wife ,husband or girl friend by spying on their SMS ,recorded phone calls logs .
Locate the position of a mobile remotely .
Call tap or intercept : Spy application will send a secret SMS whenever the target phone is on call .User can intercept the call by just making a call to the target phone .
Save and archive call logs ,SMS ,email etc for suture use .
Save children from SMS abuse .
Send SMS when SIM card on target phone is changed .

Spy phone applications are costly. The full version of FlexiSpy  software with GPS tracking will cost you around 350 USD for one year .

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28 Responses to “Mobile phone spy software application”
  1. Flexispy says:

    I am setting up an independant review site for the flexispy software – the good the bad and the downright ugly – any feedback or comments from users are welcome.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ill try it where can i download it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    i where can u download it

  4. Anonymous says:

    me too.i want to try it

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can't download..??

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting take, however anyone with a brain would know that the software is installed on it. If you have a spouse that would not realize such a simple thing perhaps you should consider leaving her/him anyway. Having a good looking girl/spouse is all well and good, but if she is empty headed and only concerned with materialistic ideals then she is not long term potential… she is a "I'll fuck you until something better comes along" type

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why even bother with such software, if you have a cheater for a spouse then move on. If you are the insecure one then I suggest get a life!

  8. Anonymous says:

    What if you want to track your employee??

  9. Thilina neu says:

    Sounds greate but how can i get it?.

  10. fizz says:

    where iz da link??from where i can download thiz software??????????

  11. vinoth says:

    Hi, how can i download that software just its not supporting to download it pls rectify the problem and give a way to download that software ………………….

  12. Lindo says:

    I want it

  13. john says:

    its great

  14. oli says:

    i want the code

  15. ad says:

    frm where i download this software

  16. SoundOkuja says:

    Sounds great but complicated what if u can’t have access to the target’s phone? There should be a better technology than this manual type.If u try spying me using this method u will fail coz i know my phone frm out to its motherboard.

  17. adam says:

    SoundOkuja everyone are not geeks like you, i have found similar spy application its Free and also having all the spy features. its

  18. Spy Mobile says:

    Hey can i copy this post on my blog , gving u the credits ??

  19. ramesh s says:

    will live conversation be monitored

    please let me know

  20. ramesh s says:

    Can live conversation be monitored with your spy tool
    let me know

  21. 'spy mobile phone' says:

    Thank you very much.It is very informative article.And it is helpful for user.from where can i download this software .

  22. Victor E. says:

    Hi guys
    Pls am trying to write a software program for spy phone meant for my school project. Pls anyone with info on how I can do this or a link to a site? I will appreciate such info. Thanks guys.

  23. Sunny says:

    Hi Every one.I face a problem in my nokia n73 phone.Messages are recieved but not show that New message is recieved on my screen.When i open my inbox many of messages are recieved and new messages are open easily but dont show on my screen.Any body give me the suggestion to remove this problem.

    A lot of thanxxxxxx!

  24. neelsethi says:

    i want a trial version who can work without instaling in target phone

  25. Kiran says:

    I need trile software to now how it works after using i will buy in bulkes

  26. somnath shetty says:

    hi guys,
    i have used flexispy, and it is a fantastic software. and all those smart guys out there making those statements that the person using the target phone will know about the installation of the software dont know what they are talking. this software is absolutely invisible on the target phone and it is not possible for anyone to figure out. i have been using it for more than a year it is fantastic. the only drawback is the subscription price of the software. i hope they could bring the price down.

  27. Huzefa says:

    Wanna try it,vry egr…

  28. Sandeep says:

    hi i want this software asap.but I want 2 know the real thing how it works n what i need 2 do in that cellphone 2 get all this.
    will be obliged if i can get it for 12 hrs free atleast to check how it works, so that I can know how to react in future.

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