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Nokia 5235 price and specifications

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Nokia 5235 price and specificationsNokia today announced Nokia 5235, a music oriented mobile device that looks similar to Nokia 5230 Xpress music in design and other technical specifications. Nokia 5235 is not a part of Nokia’s popular Xpress music lineup. But it’s definitely a device built for the music enthusiasts. Nokia 5235 is based on Symbian S60 V5 touch enabled user interface that power all recent Nokia phones. This device is deigned to sell at entry level touch screen segment with 3G. Like Nokia 5230, it includes a 2 mega pixel camera that comes with exciting 30 fps video recording. The difference in Nokia 5235 is the option to download unlimited songs using Nokia music service for a period of one year. There will a catalog of DRM protected music files that users can download as per requirement.

Nokia 5235 specifications :

Nokia 5235 front side

As said earlier, Nokia 5235 is very similar to Nokia 5230 Xpress music. Nokia 5235 includes the same 3.2 resistive touch screen with 360*640 pixels resolution. There are accelerometer, proximity sensors and hand writing recognition. It has an expandable 16GB memory slot. The difference in design of Nokia 5235 is the missing dedicated music key found in normal Xpress music devices. Though available at lower price, Nokia 5235 comes with 3G and GPS facilities. There’s is quick access media bar at home screen and thumbnail based contact system. Nokia services like Ovi, Ovi mail are also available.

Nokia 5235 camera

Other features in Nokia 5235 music phone.

ARM 11 processor, GPRS, EDGE , FM with RDS, Nokia mas touch 2.0, Photo editor , Flash,  Microsoft Office document and PDF reader, 1320 mAh battery, 3.5 mm audio jack and 70MB internal storage.
Nokia 5235 price and India launch date:

Nokia 5230( available from November) and upcoming Nokia 5235 music are the best budget touch screen devices from Nokia till date. Nokia 5235 is planned to be launched in  the first quarter of 2010 for a retail market price of 125USD. So when it comes to India Nokia 5235 would cost around 10000INR.

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86 Responses to “Nokia 5235 price and specifications”
  1. Reverse Phone Lookup says:

    Hmmmm, another downgrade from 5800. Nokia makes it maybe like Samsung: countless amount of slightly different Touch-phones, where the customer has no idea where the difference is.

  2. HTC Phones says:

    I have asked all my friends who's got such cheap Nokia Phones, Comes with Music.All my friends are complaining about that phones- the OS is awfull , it can stuck and froze just inmidlle of listening music or right after the conversation.

  3. shushek says:

    hello, please note that Nokia 5235 has a internal memory of 320MB (not 70MB as mentioned above).

  4. Acer M900 says:

    Does it have TV output? And do we get free headphones or memory card with it? If yes then how many GB?

  5. manoj says:

    pieas any one tell wifi will avilable in this mobile

  6. Prashant says:

    yes it has wifi but dunno when it will be launched

  7. harsh says:

    no it doesnt have wifi

  8. Aditya says:

    Nokia 5235 does not has Wi-Fi.

  9. Kundanpandey says:

    It’s sound sestum is very good and it has not wi fi so I want to that mobile not buy

  10. Chandanpandey says:

    How many rupees this mobile buy.

  11. Kundanpandey says:

    It’s video & sound Quality is good he had no wi fi. but you can buy nokia 5233. It is very better mobile .Dil ki baat touch se sunaoo

  12. Arunpandey says:

    This mobile is not bad. It video sound and picture quality is better than any mobile

  13. karthik says:

    i want to about the service of fly mobiles can any one pls guide me the information and how is the browsing in corby mate

  14. jitesh says:

    plz some one tell ,that it has a 3g or not

  15. vinu says:

    the price is incorrectly stated!!!!!!! in all probability it will cost around 8k!!!!

  16. vinu says:

    and yes it has 3g

  17. pawan says:

    when will 5235 will b launched
    & at wht market price send me soon

  18. mohd zafar says:

    when you launch this cell phone in India & what is price

  19. monil says:

    wat is diffrnce between 5233,5230,5235……wat is its price in mumbai
    i m searching 4 a mobile 2 buy between 8000 to 9000…give me more info about its sound.wi-fi,3g etccccccc repllyyyyyy soonnn

  20. monil says:

    wat about internal memory of 5235……..wen will 5235 be launching in mumbai…….or its already launched………replyyyy soooon

  21. Pam's says:

    Is it window mobile or it have 3g servies, and yes what is its real fix prices and give me correct date when it luunch in market please…….tell me……,.

  22. Pam's says:

    I like it Is it window mobile or it have 3g servies, and yes what is its real fix prices and give me correct date when it luunch in market please…….tell me……,.

  23. Mak says:

    Cn u pls tl wn wil dis set lauch….i mean exact date….

  24. udit madan says:

    it will cost you in india Rs 10,000

  25. udit madan says:

    it has a wi-fi

  26. udit madan says:

    fly is an chinies compny karthik if you are in delhi then service in karol bagh

  27. udit madan says:

    it was lanched on 10 march and price Rs 10,000

  28. shantam says:

    no there is no wifi…

  29. Hunny says:

    i don’t like wi-fi . but in this mobile 3 g services is the best

  30. swati says:

    is this mobile better than 5233?? my budget is 7k – 9k. can any body suggest me the best handset with good music,camera,display,internet etc… reply soon plz..

  31. susmitha says:

    plz do display the price money

  32. sampath says:

    plz do display the price money of model 5235

  33. PINAKIN says:

    i want sound & camera. how is in this model sound & camera. would u sugses me wich is better model of 5235 or 5233.

  34. tarique says:

    Plz disply the price money of model 5235

  35. Sonu says:

    Nokia5235 ka price 9000 hoga. It has wi fi

  36. Sonu says:

    Nokia5235 price 9000

  37. ranbir says:

    its coming next week

  38. Teddy says:

    5233 havin wifi?n wat bout batry bak up?

  39. Md shakif says:

    Is this mobile include front camemra

  40. papu says:

    this is very costly nd beyond reach of poor man………….

  41. shagan says:

    which phone i have to purchase
    i want display n sound quality.(price of phone in punjab)

  42. ShadeSlayer says:

    does this phone have wi-fi —- and how is its music quality ??????

  43. Sonu Singh says:

    When will this phone come in rajasthan

  44. Sonu Singh says:

    when will this phone come in rajsthan

  45. Ishman says:

    @-ShadeSlayer:-This fone doesnot has wi-fii bus u can’t get wi-fii in this budget in any fone…But it has an xcelent audio quality..
    I too use Nokai 5233 Which is much similar to this fone!!!
    Nice quality!!!
    Overall 9 on 10 by my Side!!!!!

  46. Ishman says:

    @Shang-Veer ji u should buy 5233 !!!!
    Overall nice phone with good features !!!!!!!!!
    Its price is around 7400-7500 in punjaab!!!!

  47. Danish parkar says:

    Hey i just wanna know which amongst 5800,5230,5233 have good camera quality even though their megapixels differ.and also a correct guess of which of d above are 3g compatible and wi fi enabled.

  48. Sunil gangwar says:

    When will nokia 5235,c5 and 7230 will be available and what will be price of them.

  49. Sunil gangwar says:

    Tell me about a nokia phone that should have 3g,double camera,wifi,memory expansion upto 16 Gb,gps,map,pc synch,usb,display at least 2.2 inch, high speed internet,fm and vidio recording.

  50. Sunil gangwar says:

    Tell me about a nokia phone that should have 3g,double camera,wifi,memory expansion upto 16 Gb,gps,map,pc synch,usb,display at least 2.2 inch, high speed internet,fm and vidio recording range upto11,000 rupees

  51. Sonu Singh says:

    Kya nokia5235 bharat main aa chuka hai

  52. Paras says:

    [i]Tell me about a nokia phone that should have 3g,double camera,wifi,memory expansion upto 16 Gb,gps,map,pc synch,usb,display at least 2.2 inch, high speed internet,fm and vidio recording range upto11,000 rupees///////////////////

    Go for Nokia 5800 Navigation or xpress Music edition or go for E71

  53. shagan says:

    thanx ishman ji for helping me…..

  54. Ali says:

    I wanna know that which is the best mobile among nokia 5230,5233,5235. My budget is 7000-9000.

  55. Styles of beyond says:

    I think you guys don’t have brain or if you have then you don’t know how to use it.
    You all are asking each other abt this model but you must think of that this phone is new in India and how a person can give you a batter idea unless he/she uses it 4 a month.

  56. dev says:

    i purchased the phonr its took me 8800 in mumbai . nice mobile nice look like giant screen :) partnice applications

  57. Arpit says:

    @ dev

    Is it a wifi device or not.

    PLz tell me ASAP

    I really wanna know as I am going to buy it only if it has Wi-Fi

  58. ankit says:

    Rs 9,300

  59. Vinu says:

    Its Awesome Phone I Just Love It

  60. prashant says:

    internal memory is 81 mb….and not 320 as mentioned in some site …..same as 5230 price rs 8500 this june …..

  61. prajeesh n p says:

    very attractive phone
    it is better to buy 5235 istead of buying 5230
    bacausw with a small amount diffrence ,more look diffrence with ovi

  62. Kishore says:

    this is fone is waste when doesn’t have wi-5 , best to buy 6500/- 5233

    mey be 5235 is costed to 9000/-, same features cam also 2 M.P, extra is music edition

  63. Abhi says:

    can any one tell me difference between 5230 & 5235

  64. sagar says:

    5230 doesnt have video calling facility and have limited frequencies compared to 5235

  65. abhishek araballi says:

    Hi…. i am abhishek i want 2 by new nokia touch screen mobile which mobile is the best in price & performance also my budget6500to7500.

  66. abhishek araballi says:

    any diffrence bitven 5233&5235 pls reply…..

  67. aman says:


  68. aman says:

    is nokia 5230& 5230 ia really good
    or not
    i think it wil get cheap

  69. Dibyendu Kundu says:

    I bought a nokia 5235 phone with a cost of only Rs. 8700, having all features that i have always wanted. Now i am extremely happy. It has a beautiful sound quality, good battery backup, touch screen with motion sensor, high resolution camera with 2 pixels, and 3g enabled set.

  70. sachin says:

    aadho ko english likhni bhi nahi aati koi kishore naam ke ne to wi-fi ko wi-5 likh rakha hai

  71. Tarun says:

    can anyone tell current price of nokia 5230,5233, and 5235? pls …. reply very soon!

  72. chaitanya says:

    nokia 5233 is good touch screenphone in nokia at low cost but lacks sound quality,low speaker sound,u must get accessories for it,where 5230 has similar qualities with 3g and gps as extra features with a 1000 rs. extra than 5233,5235 is fabulous among all these with 3g,gps,good sound quality,unlimited music download from ovi,metal finishing where former dont have these,costs an extra 1000 rs. than 5230 ,better to go wid 5235

  73. gopal says:

    i like 5235 but tell me which another nokia are best up to 8000 with wi-fi and 3G reply me

  74. mukesh says:

    i want to buy a nokia phone having 3G,3.2″ touch screen and more than 3MP camera and also having wifi, edge, bluetooth having good quality music player between price range 8k to 10k. and also more than 32 GB external memory.

  75. Praveen says:

    can any one tell me difference between 5230 & 5235
    nd pls tel me abt specification n both….. price in bangalore….
    video calling s thr r nt n 5235..?

  76. Himanshu Sharma says:

    does 5235 is a 3G phone or no plz send to or call me on 8802767520

  77. rounaq ahmad says:

    yes, its a 3g phone….

  78. ankita says:

    gyzz hang on hang on
    5235 is an awesum phne wid wi fi
    n internal memory of 70 mb
    its video and immage quality is awesum
    its d ryt fne fr meh
    n obviously fr u gyzz also
    so wt u w8tin fr
    tke dis phne
    bt if sum1 whuzz vei rich
    den he shd go iphone…

  79. chandan singh says:

    can we do video call in 5235 please tell me

  80. gaurav says:

    i used it for 4 months and one thing is clear that it do not have wi-fi .other specification r good According to its price . I ALSO TALKED VIA VIDEO CALLING IT HAVING SPEED 3G SERVICE IS ALSO GOOD. REST ASSURED ABOUT ITS SOFTWARE IS WORK EAST AND DID NOT HANG IN BETWEEN.INTERNAL MEMORY IS 80 M.B.AND RAM IS APPROX 240 M.B. one thing i liked that it has such a good sound quality and good screen resolution that i never experienced even in samsang corby and samsang star.but after four months now i m fed up and buying nokia n9.i hope this will help u a lot.

  81. arko biswas says:

    i am using docomo 3g can we do video call in 5235 please tell me……..

  82. shyamala says:

    how much rate in 5235 i (ap)
    pls send this my number (9949913643)

  83. azurocks says:

    hey u sachin u r just a illeterate guy i hv ever seen , i think u never been on any chatting or networking site , a big looser . its the way to write . lots cool than u ,,, wht a asshole u r . he is better than u . bloody. dont make out misktakes out of others

  84. Bhushan tekade says:

    What is the diffrence between nokia 5230, 5233, 5235 n whats there prize plese reply quikly

  85. sujan says:

    whn it will came in kathmandu

  86. Shivam gupta says:

    My best mobile company is only NOKIA

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