Nokia X2 cheapest 5MP camera phone for India

Nokia X2 price and specifications

Nokia X2

Nokia today announced Nokia X2, another member to their Xseries family after Nokia X6 and Nokia X3. Nokia X2 is an entry level mobile phone targeting customers looking for good quality camera phone at lower price. The device is specially designed for customers in India. Nokia X2 is a perfect multimedia handset with dedicated music keys, external speakers, 3.55 mm standard headphone jack, FM radio, expandable memory up to 16GB, etc.

Nokia X2 photos:

Nokia X2 photos

Nokia X2 photos

Nokia X2 review and specification:

Currently, we have Maxx mobile, Micro Max, Spice and few other  companies selling cheap 5MP camera phones in India. However, most of the users are complaining that they are getting 2MP quality photos with those 5MP phones. So now Indians have the option for a global brand at the same price of the local brand, with the Nokia X2.

Nokia X2 is candybar style designed phone with 2.5 inch color screen. It is based on the time tested Series 40 operating system UI. There are pre-installed applications like Nokia Messaging for email and instant messaging + thousands of apps at the Ovi store. Nokia X2 also provides one touch access to Facebook and other social media websites from the home screen. There is dedicated control  key  for quick access to the music files.  The 5Mp camera of Nokia X2 also supports video recording.

Nokia X2 price:

As per the official Nokia blog, Nokia X2 will cost 85 euros. So when converted into Indian rupees, the price of Nokia X2 is 5000 aprx. before taxes and other charges. Nokia will launch this device around June of this year.

18 thoughts on “Nokia X2 cheapest 5MP camera phone for India

  1. Karan

    Plz do buy nokia phones nly coz othrs r unreliable regardin batry,life,suftwar suport.

  2. vasanth

    wen is this mobile releasing,

    tell me i wnt to buy this on the opening day itself for my brother,,,

  3. Itinayan senapati

    Nokia is going to lunch dual sim mobile… So I just want to know what are its features and price range.

  4. Rico

    *** man! its already july n it aint released yet. which ******* is responsible fr this design. a candybar? my ******* has a better shape. *** NoKIA!

  5. Vijay Prakash

    I want to know the exact functioning of NOKIA X2.
    What is the clarity of pictures taken with this mobile is looking like 5MP or 3MP ?
    What about sound output ?
    Internal Memory ?
    Ear phone Volume is high or low ?
    Pllzzzzzzzzz X2 users suggest me

  6. c.senthilkumar

    i want to best phone in nokia……
    so plz tell that…..
    the contion two:
    the price is below 10000.
    with out touch screen.
    wi-fi is need that cell.
    above 3.o mega pixel gamera.

  7. Hina

    i have bought Nokia X-2, two days back. The camera is awesome and the sound quality is great.It, probably has the highest speaker-sound among other Nokia sets. Its internal memory is 65 MB.
    But the phone hangs very frequently. Though, not much but am a bit satisfied with the phone. I bought it From Hotspot outlet for Rs. 5672/- only. 🙂

  8. tejas

    This is the worst phone nokia has produced. None of d specifications mentioned r upto d mark. Camera doen’t give a clarity of even 2 megapixel. Flash is too flashy it spoils d images taken. D phone takes 4-5 hrs to get charged n gets drained within 2 days. D phone reboots when u watch a video. D phone heats up aftr using for sometime. If the memory card is loaded with more than 1 g.b d phone works even slower than d bug. Camera automatically goes to standby mode. Wht else is left. I dont think anyone would buy dis phone aftr knowin all these defects. I want NOKIA to take back my phone and pay me compensation for facing all these problems.

  9. Rahul

    Ya thats amazing. it is a perfect mobile for an indian middle class user. but it may be much better if it comes with wifi features, because it is essential in these days for a middle class user also.

  10. subham

    that is d worst one i have ever seen. It has no touch screen. Camera is bad. Sound output is not so graded. Not for networking. Internal memory is too low. Shame on Nokia.


    i hav used this sexy phone frm 12 days…… its nice but shame for that some “bocas” people blame NOKIA for this phone.Says this is worst.. camera is nice compared to other but the flash is too flashy… I recommanded to use auto flash feature for best performance…sound is nice as express music… overall nice .. i gave it 8/10..

  12. deepu

    its a superb phone but if it comes with wifi it will be good.. sound output is really good and photos were very clear and clarity is excellent.. just like digital cam.. but i suggest off the flash at day time

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