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Following the path of Tata Docomo and Airtel, Reliance today announced nation wide per second tariff plans. Simply Reliance plan introduced last month had already gained many positive reviews. Simply Reliance is currently the best all in one prepaid and postpaid tariff plan available in GSM and CDMA networks of India. Per second plans are suitable for people who talk less . Reliance per second plan is introduced as an addition to Simply Reliance plan. Those who wish to take advantage from their short talks can choose this plan. There is also another plan which costs you RS 1 for 3 minutes. All those three tariff plans in Simply Reliance scheme are far better than those plans offered by Airtel. Have a look at the comparison .
With one single recharge you can move on to  any of these plans in your network and reduce call rates with lifetime validity*.

Reliance per second plan Airtel per second plan

STD,Local  1 p/sec                                                 STD, Local 1 p/sec (Airtel)
(all network)                                                            Local, STD 1.2 p/sec ( other networks)

SMS, Roaming 50 p/sec                                          SMS RS1, Roaming (as per existing plan)

Lifetime validity                                                              One year validity

From the above comparison its very clear that Reliance per second plan is superior and cost effective than that of Airtel. Simply Reliance users will have three options 50 p/sec, 1 RS for 3 minutes or 1 p/sec.

Simply Reliance plan details :

All STD, Local, Roaming calls in India and SMS charges 50 paisa.
Lifetime validity.
Existing customers recharge with RS 48.
New customers recharge with RS 51.
No hidden charges.

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