Uninor tariff plans and launch date

After Tata DoCoMo, another international-desi mobile network Uninor is about to launch their services across 22 telecom circles in India. Uninor is the joint venture of Telenor Norway and UniTech Wireless in India. Telenor already have their footprints in our neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan. Uninor will concentrate on GSM and other related value added services in India. They are currently setting up their regional offices, network coverage, making tariff plans and tower sharing agreements etc. Reportedly, they have contract with Nokia Siemens Network for deploying next generation 2G network across all sanctioned telecom circles. We expect Uninor to launch their GSM service before the end of this year.

As we all know, India has one of the fastest growing telecom sectors in the world. Uninor targets around 8% market share in India in the coming few years. They would use social networking promotion through Facebook, Twitter and others to accelerate their growth.

Uninor prepaid and postpaid tariff plans.

Uninor prepaid and postpaid tariff plans

Uninor would launch attractive tariff plans in already competitive Indian telecom sector. Most probably, they will have per second plans in their postpaid and prepaid connections.

Update: Seems that Uninor has no plans to join Indian tariff war. The preliminary prepaid tariff package looks very similar to that of Airtel before they introduced per second plans.

Uninor SIM will be available at RS 49 including activation charges, lifetime validity and five rupees home network talk time.

Uninor for you prepaid tariff plan (click to enlarge). ( Update: Image removed)

Update: Uninor announced wide variety of prepaid and postpaid tariff plans to cater the needs of every kind of customers.
Uninor per second plan (daily rental  Re .5 per day)  ( click to enlarge)

Uninor per second plan

Uninor I save SMS plan:

Local, National and international SMS at .3, .5 and 5 RS per message. ( Re 1 daily rental)

Uninor I-save  night plan. Local 10PM to 6AM calls at  Re .5 per min. ( Re .5 daily Rental)

Similarly there’s is I -save morning plan (8AM to 10AM) with same tariff plan valid for calls to mobile, fixed phones on Uninor and other networks .

We can see that most of these plans comes with a daily rental, that is RS 15-30 per month  . Will it work for Uninor to attract more customers?

Update: One of our commentator has informed us that there would be an unlimited tariff plan from Uninor. So in this plan you will need to pay RS 79* per month for unlimited calls on Uninor network.

Update 3 December : Uninor launched services in 7 Indian telecom circles Uttar Pradesh East, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, AP,  Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar.

UNINOR4YOU prepaid plan:

Talkmore@29 p/min:

49 RS activation charge, lifetime validity and 5 Re talk time.

Local calls at 29 paisa and all STD calls at 49 paisa.


100 Uninor to Uninor free SMS per day*.
Other local SMS 10 paisa per message* .
* ( Re .99 for the first local SMS)

National 1.5 Re Message.
International 5 Re per Message.

Callmore@29 p/min:   2 Re daily rental and above tariff plan.

As per Uninor, the Talkmore plan is for those who call less but talk more, and Callmore for those who like to make countless calls in a day.

Uninor said in statement that they have no plans to launch per second plans. But they targets a set of  users with high ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

They provide attractive talk values on first time recharge and  recharge coupons of higher values.

Uninor customer care number : 121

Update: Checkout the comment from Biswajit Tripathy. He shows how Uninor tariff plans are great. But guys, you will need to explain them with numbers.

We will update this page when there is new offers and plans from Uninor India mobile network.

Update: Etisalat launched mobile service under the brand name Cheers mobile in India.

108 thoughts on “Uninor tariff plans and launch date

  1. Anonymous

    Tata DoCoMo has come with new concept and new tariff rate so it boosted up very quickly than any network. but uninor ???? i dont think uninor gets gud openings. i feel this may b another failure like aircel if they come with same tariff plans.

  2. Anonymous

    i dont think uninor will get the welcome as tatadocomo or idea has got in the past. the tariff is not at all attractive.

  3. Anonymous

    very poor tariff, all costs are high,
    cant even attract one of the customer atleast.
    idea rocks in chennai with their tariff.

  4. Anonymous

    the suspense is over …. uninor is here with endless talk plan @ rs. 79 per month


    key features

    – all local and std calls uninor to uninor free
    – local and std calls for 49/m min
    – local and national sms for 25 p

  5. vinny

    expected some thing new with the tariff rates compared to the compitition.
    But the current schemes can't attract a new customer.
    Docomo only can survive in market for longer runs.

  6. Anonymous

    i think uninor is also big failure like aircel because of old boring tariff.wast man docomo is best

  7. Anonymous

    hello Mr.uninor u going to be comedy peace i guess…. hahahaha plz open your shop with awesome tariff in india…..

  8. Anonymous

    hi . we are coming ………….paitence please ……………….please control ur heart beats or else ur heart vl b get arrest

  9. Anonymous

    guys ……………….. we are coming ………………………………………….. we know u r waiting

  10. Utsav

    dude leave the tariff thing…for me the concern is that the complete network establishment is not under NSN but its distributed…in haryana region ZTE Corp would be managing the project.

  11. Biswajit Tripathy

    someone has put incorrect info.

    Call More @29 is the plan which is for peoples who would like to make more than 4 calls a day. Daily rental 2/-. All Local calls at 29 paise. If you make 10 calls a day where each call lasts 2 minutes, you end up paying Rs. 2 + 29 paise per minute for 10 calls. TOTAL to PAY : 4.90/- whereas in per second plan you end up paying 6.00/-

    First SMS at 99 paise and all other sms at 10 paise. Uninor to Uninor 100 local sms free.

    Talk More@29 is the plan where call setup charge for each call is 39 paise and 29 paise per minute. So if you want to speak to someone for 5 minutes, you end up paying Rs. 1.84/- whereas in per second plan you end up paying 3.00/-.

    Indian consumer doesn't need a per second plan. They need a plan that is value for money and has a good quality of voice.

    This is not all, there are so much for the channel partners too. Please use it to enjoy the benefits.

  12. Jithendra

    Uninor actually offers the best tariff plans in India . If you analyze closely, you can see that its good. Even the so called SMS calls needs at least 20-30 seconds to make a sense. So whats the point in using per second? Guys its 60 paisa per minute .

    10 min call in Tata Docomo = 6 RS
    10 min call in Uninor 2 daily rental +.29*10 = 6.9

    So if you make more than 8 min of calls per day , Go for Uninor.

  13. admin

    @Jithendra : Your assumptions are correct, but the calculation is wrong :).

    10 min Uninor call 2+2.9 =4.9 only (You have given 6.9)

    So in Uninor you will save 1 Re

  14. Anonymous

    no use of uninor its gonna b damn flop yar…by comparing with docomo n aircel is very cheap in call rates

  15. siddharth

    useless tarrif ………change the life of people, what is this plan daily decrement means full of tai tai fish…….

  16. Anonymous

    Guys, per second rates look good on paper… but you actually have to see the mathematics behind the offer. No company in this world is here to loose money (except if it is BSNL or MTNL – the government funded subsidaries).

  17. Talpar Singh

    What kind of advertisement they are running. Nothing no details on tariff. Just someone goes n comes and at last a logo "Uninor" . Are they spending money for campaign wisely? . I think some one should come with a calculator in advertisement and show how Uninor has the best tariff plan in India 🙂 lol otherwise people won't understand what they mean. Still many people here made comments against Uninor, though I felt its good for me.

  18. Anonymous

    think newly because other network will be giving more and more offers and talk time .uninor daily rental plan is wast(quckily change the tarrif)

  19. Anonymous

    Actually the tariff is better than pay per second offers.

    But not against the rate cutters that are being offered.

    I am not speaking about the rate cutters for 1 month validity. I am talking about the rate cutters with 3 months or 6 months validity.

    Besides, not every person would be a long talker or a quick caller. So either way, it will be a loss.

  20. Anonymous

    Hi all Watch out for Etisalat launch …..One of the Cash rich telecom company …watch out its tariff …..

  21. Anonymous

    i expected a lot but after seeing ur tariffs …i feel tataindicom is best then urs …still u have time change ur plans other wise …u will fail…best of luck…i sugggest my friends not to take, no students offer,no uninor- uninor offer, what is the special haaa

  22. RdB

    well I am using MTS for 7 months in Kolkata and netwrk is good enough !
    lifetime STV for Rs 95 for local calls 1p/2s & STD 1p/s . SMS pack : daily rental Re1 for 100 local & national SMS.
    1p/2s is always a winner over uninor's 29p/min. while that second billing comes with one time payment & no daily rental.(MTS offer of Msaver95 in Kolkata only). On other circles MTS giving that same tariff with daily rental of Re1.
    If you do calls & SMS (MTS has no data service on mobile as of now) and ur circle has MTS go for it.
    MTS planned to integrate data services soon.
    I just say CDMA is key factor for India.

  23. Anonymous

    uninor has came richly but it's tariff's were not intresting ..if uninor will change their plans atleast remove call setup charge 39p it will be hit otherwise it's a loser like Aircel..

  24. Anonymous

    reliance rocks 50 paise for everthing .unicor wil soon goin back to ter hometown.docomo for short call speakers.but unicor wont be as successful than others.utter flop.person who talk more calls can take reliance.if u add 11 rs booster per month in reliance u can send sms at 1 paise.reliance and docomo rocks.

  25. Anonymous

    I dint get correct information at uninior… I want call chares information… and sms charges also for std…
    Its ery interesting bcoz 49 p per call…

  26. jacob

    Uninor should come down and understand the middle-lower class people’s mentality. None will go with your daily based rental system. The entire tariff given by you were either expensive or might equivalent to the tariff of existing services providers. One thing you should understand that you will never get a fresh costumer at this late time in this market. You will only get costumer from other existing services. But with this type of tariff you won’t get any.

    To hit the market at this late time you should go for different offers like free data or GPRS, MMS, 1p/2sec [which is almost equivalent to 29p/min], Uninor to Uninor limited free, 3G, free roaming, students offer or any thing like this.

    But first thing you should change your add style. No one can understand it…
    Your web page style also. Take longer time to load because of heavy background image.
    Also give a clear comparison of the benefit of your present tariff with the other services provider’s tariff.

  27. anoop

    we should not forget that uninor enjoyed the biggest greenfield GSM launch ever in telecom history. and they have even provided plans which are suitable for customers lik talkmore @ 29p/min
    i like their plans and i am happy they are entering tariff war..better for us customers

  28. Anonymous

    I guess employees of Uninor are joking with irrelevant rubbish and wrong math.
    If you shell out the same Rs 2/- per day to Docomo, you will be charged 1 paise per 2 seconds! Is this a match for Uninor?
    Uninor is the loser after the biggest clown of telecom industry Aircel which will be the first company to be sold out during the consolidation phase.

  29. Anonymous

    ahem ahem..finally uninor has ended wit a flop debut..the tariff relly matches the one which had early 4 or 5 years..

  30. Anonymous

    i think uninor is not different with other networks.they cannot see the taste of success in indian market.because they are tooo late.some other networks offering better tariff plans.you people cannot have the fruit of success until unless u come with unique attractive plans.

  31. craja753

    Uninor is having great strategist with them to fell in tragedy. i don't know what way they call introduce them as competitive.
    Worst introduction!
    Worst Traiff!

  32. Anonymous

    your tarrif plan is not attracted to anybody because of daily rental.. you think better than the other networks..

  33. RAGU

    your tariff is better for those guys who speaks for a long time…but the calculation is not a simple one for those guys who are illiterate…you have to advertise more about your tariff and get cleared about the calculations for every people…while starting a new work there are lot of obstacles followed you don't care about that make it as positive work hard…u will definitely succeed…its a good plan…

  34. arunji

    plz provide gprs and call rate at low price than other network then i assure u vil be top (dont expect profit from the begining coz am working in uninor nly)

  35. om

    i dont wanna comment on uninors price strategy. i guess they r rite in thier own way… the onli thin is tht its hard to understand their message. anyways wanna knw whn wil uninor b launched in mumbai….

  36. arnab

    i am using uninor for sometime now and believe me even though 29p/min may sound ridiculous to some, it is actually coming out to be more economical than my previous number. DOCOMO or MTS also have good tariff plans but if you actually use Uninor you will realize it is currently THE most effective and economical connection around.

  37. tushar

    lets all accept the fact that we Indians love talking alot, even on our mobiles, so if Uninor is targeting this basic interest of people and subsiding calling rates for us right down to 29p/min, which is cheaper than 1p/2sec!, why should we try and put them down by talking rubbish about the company!
    their tariffs are good whether people accept or not and that is the reason they have 1.2 million subscribers in one month. the statistics speak for themselves!


    your tariff is better for those guys who speaks for a long time…but the calculation is not a simple one for those guys who are illiterate…you have to advertise more about your tariff and get cleared about the calculations for every people…while starting a new work there are lot of obstacles followed you don’t care about that make it as positive work hard…u will definitely succeed…its a good plan…
    1 suggestion to ur company ulaunch a attractive offer on launching in 7 states 250 rs p/m n out going free hope u like ma suggestion rply on ma ID

  39. roxy dhui wala

    you guys r nothing in compare to other networks . if u want i can give u free advise by which u can grow up. my cell no. 9272185187

  40. prasanth

    U maintain the tariff as half ps\second for local and one ps\second to attract customers
    less rate with more connections will help u

  41. maggie

    guys… i can’t understand the repulsion for uninor… i mean if its about daily rental then i must say that although they look a bit heavy but in use you’ll realize that they are nothing but beneficial…. also, i faced no such network problems as i have heard… its thumbs up from me…

  42. prudence

    uninor is economical… thats for sure… its proving better than ‘pay per sec’ for me…

  43. Anu

    This is a fake advertisement from Uninor company that it is Unlmited call. It’s not unlimited it is 400 free minutes/month for Rs.197 to all local other network & 2000 min. to uninor to uninor. So Unlimited is not equal to free minutes. So fuck Uninor. Other networks are good not cheating there customer.

  44. rohit

    yes..not unlimited but i guess its quiet a lot of time to talk if you see…. so its ok..

  45. Surajit Bose

    What is the fucking date for launching of uninor in kolkata? i am hearing since last 3 months about its launching?

  46. sharad

    Uninor I am Pur SIM Kol 4/6/2010 Uninor saleperson commeted me activeted 3to6hrs but till 5/6/2010 not activeted commentmate is FOOOOOOLISH, Ab Mera No Jo Phela Aircel and Idea Ka Hai Wo hi Hay . Customer Chet Uninor

    Sharad Kolhapur

  47. Sandeep

    This is great Opportunity for the People who talks more on the cellphone………
    Its really affordabel for everyone; just try it….

  48. Arun

    Don’t buy Uninor. It’s useless. Tata DoCoMo is the best for Calls, SMS and GPRS.
    It has superfast GPRS (25KBPS or higher) and the GPRS plans are available at very cheap rates.

  49. Nafis sk

    Abe a uninor dimag hai ya nahi.docomo is beter than you. Why u r not changing your plans.in docomo if u did rs90 special recharge u wil get docomo to docomo,tata,virgin cals free and internet free FOR ONE YEAR

  50. Arjun Patel

    too bad tariff plans and bad sms plans
    not as good as tata , Vodafone , !dea…..
    uninor will be crushed by tata , Vodafone , !dea….. bull shit……

  51. Sandy

    Uninor is just a piece of trash…. Recently i heard that Uninor MD resigned after that there Marketing head, Financial head also resigned and they all were from Norway.

    Moreover attrition rate is quite high in such a new company…. Don’t but Uninor, you never know when they shut there mobile services, also read they had 850cr loss in 1st year…

    Uninor ab tumhara no. hai……… Apni dukan band karne ka!!

  52. raj

    From yesterday that my uninor is started. But i had pleased on 2 aug 2010 & the customer care and Mr. Uninor is not taking any care abt. my no..
    Mr. uninor is not responsible company.
    They had taken 20 – 22 days to activate
    This is careless company




  54. pradeep

    Hi guys if uninor launch in gangtok then his future is dark because tarrif plans are not so good ,if they want to grow his company with high activation and tertiory they have to launch with extra tarrif plans,other wise he go down.

  55. Jitendra

    If you are looking for GPRS then do not go for Uninor it is worst. You will get 6 gb, RS 99 for full month validity, but even after you sit browsing for entire month you will not able to use their 100 mb due to network problem. When you need to connect to GPRS then it will not get connected 98/100 times ….This is what is UNINOR…. I guess it should stands for

    U seless
    N etwork
    I n India
    N ever
    O wn it in
    R eal life

    Now I’m looking for some better option for GPRS as my phone supports for 2 Sims and need something Reliable. Please suggest me something good one.

    Thanks for your help. And do remember not to go for uninor, it is worstttttttttttt.















  58. Jitendra

    Thanks for your suggestion but till today i’m trying to connect tot he GPRS and it is not consistent…… and i guess it will not be.

    I guess you work at Uninor……may be a in a call center or may be uninor is paying you for making such advertisement. else how would it is possible for a normal man to have such a big network “more than 1 lac people…”

    I guess it may work in the Tamil Nadu but it does not work in Maharashstra.

    now i will be trying Tata docomo or Aircel so don’t go anywhere will update you soon.

  59. Nisha

    Shortly you’ll know where Uninor stands. It is growing slowly and I prefer using Uninor only. Don’t want to miss the benefits they are giving.

  60. naresh

    dear sir ,
    i naresh from budhlada distt. mansa(punjab)
    uninor when lunched in punjab
    i m intrested in distbuter ship

  61. aniruddh

    uninor 198 recharge is awesome…….and also excellent without any special recharge….for normal use…..BETTER THAN ALL OTHER NETWORKS…..ANYWHERE,ANYTIME& IN ANY WAY……

  62. aslamkhan

    sir,uninor offers are best of all.but signal coverage is not there in kothagudem,palvancha,badrachalam,ashwapuram,manuguru of (khammamdistrict) andhra pradesh.plz confirm when the uninor(telenor) is going to launch in these areas.

  63. anudarsan

    to me i fell its a nice connection…small problem is recharge coupons in remote areas its not available…tariff is OK….

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