Y browser file explorer

There are several hidden files and folders in In Symbian and Java Nokia phones . We usually need to access these files to remove /edit /perform different hacks . We do this for removing viruses,deleting unwanted files , hiding certain folders , making Symbian application signed , updating antivirus database etc . So if you want access interior files and folders of a mobile phone , you need a file explorer/browser.Y browser is one such free file explorer/browser for s60V3 Symbian Nokia smartphones .Download Y browser file explorer .

Y browser file explorer

Y browser file explorer

As you can see in the above screenshot , each and every file disk of a Symbian mobile phone can be accessed from phone it self .

Y browser file explorer features :

Y browser file explorer features

Open internal files and folders of Symbain Nokia ,SonyErisson phones .
Get the properties of individual files .
Open files with a specified application.
Send files over Bluetooth ,MMS and WiFi .
Cut ,Edit ,delete ,transfer ,Copy and modify files and folders .

Y browser file explorer supported Nokia phones.

Nokia : E63,E71,E90,E51,E65,E61i,E66,E61,E60,E62,E70,N95,E50,N95 8GB,N82,N73,N78,N77,N79,N85,N93,N93i,N96,N71,N75,N76,N80,N80i,N81,N818GB,N91,N92,5800 XpressMusic,c6120 Classic,c6110 Navigator,6121 Classic,c6210 Navigator,6220 Classic,6290,5320 XpressMusic,5500 Sport,5700 XpressMusic,3250,6124 Classic,6650,6708

Y browser file explorer supported SonyEricsson phones.

Sonyericsson : W960i,G700,G900,M600i,P1i,P990i,W950i,P800,P900,P910

Download Y browser , free file browser application for Nokia.

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