Apple launched iPad price and specifications

Apple iPad price specifications India

Apple iPad

Apple today announced the upcoming availability of their web tablet called the iPad. Apple iPad is one of the most anticipated announcement of this year. Like any other web tablet, the Apple iPad more focus on internet and multimedia. We can call iPad as a bigger version of Apple iPhone and iPod. The device includes an enhanced version of Apple iPhone OS. That is you can run almost all iPhone applications in iPad with minor upgrades. Apple also announced that they will be releasing a software development kit for developing applications for iPad. An emulator for running iPad applications will be available at form today. Apple iPad is pretty large device with capacitive multi-touch screen of 24.6cm measured diagonally . The device specification includes a 1GHZ processor with graphics processor. It is available in 16-32-64 GB storage based on price and configuration.

Apple iPad photos:

Apple iPad photos price specifications

Apple iPad photos

Apple iPad is complete internet oriented device that can run on WiFi and 3G. You can watch movies, hear music, browser photos and run games if a connection is not available. The real power of iPad comes into play when its connected to internet.ย  There is email and social networking, streaming, navigation using Google maps plus unlimited possibilities from millions of applications designed for iPhone OS. There is a new app called iBook that can be used to download and read ebooks like in Amazon Kindle. Multi-touch and accelerometer sensor enables the smooth operation of device features. iPad offers battery backup of around 10 hours. Interface of the iPad software interface looks like a combination of that in iPhone and Mac OS. Interface is customizable as per user requirements.

Apple iPad complete specification:

Apple iPad weighs just 680 grams and its.5 inch thin.
There is Bluetooth with A2DP.
Runs iPhone OS 3.2.
Speaker and microphone included.
iPad includes accessories like standard Apple keyboard, cover for protection and dock.
iPad is manufactured using Eco friendly practices and non harmful components.
Apple has its own A4 1GHZ chip inside the iPad.
LED backlight display.
iPad supports high definition video playback upto 720p.
Opens almost all video, audio files and documents.
3.5mm headphone jack.
Digital Compass.
Standard USB.
Black and white color combination.

Its very disappointing fact that Apple iPad doesn’t support multi-tasking and Flash on web pages. Also there’s no front camera and USB connectivity.

Apple iPad price in India:

This time apple surprised everyone with the pricing. Seems that they stopped making devices just only for the fan boys. The basic model of Apple iPad will be available in US and European countries for a price of 499$. The device will get releasedย  in US by the end of march 2010. iPad users in US will get unlimited data plan at just 30USD per month.This price is really worth for this tablet considering its specifications. iPad would be launched in India and other Asian countries by June-September of 2010. When converting to Indian money, the price of the base model Apple iPad is just around 23000 INR.

Apple iPad price comparison of WiFi and 3G models.

Apple iPad 64GB WiFi price: 48,500.00

iPad 64GB 3G : 63000.00

Apple iPad 32GB WiFi price: 42,499.00

iPad 3G 32GB : 570000.00

Apple iPad 16Gb WiFi price : 37,500.00

iPad 3G 16GB: 48000.00

All prices are from Ebay India including shipping charges. Please note that iPad is not yet launched in India. You can wait few for more months to get at lower rates.


Apple officially launched iPad WiFi and 3G in India. The prices for WiFi and 3G+WiFi models will be as given below.

iPad prices in India

iPad prices in India

BSNL has started providing Micro SIM cards compatible with Apple iPad. They will launch special iPad tariff plans on tomorrow, 28-01-2010.

73 thoughts on “Apple launched iPad price and specifications

  1. Girish

    Wonderful product, but could have some more features like Flash support , Camera , GPS etc.

    A list of missing features of iPad is available here

  2. Anonymous

    I guess the guy who written this post is a fan boy.

    iPad has no multi-tasking
    iPad has no Flash
    iPad has no camera
    Micro SIM that won't work with other 3G
    Difficult to type keypad (its not a phone. So we need a good responsive keypad.

    You and other fan boys in India would by anything with Apple on it. Shame on your ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. sapam

    Well, i think its too early to speculate even before people have started using it. Let it come to market and have people started using it and also let the developers come out with interesting Apps for iPad, then only we can judge if its good or bad. Until then there is no point pulling out what missing and whats not.

    Well, as for the list of missing people are reporting i would like to say something about them:
    1) iPad has no multi-tasking
    – Well, what do you expect it to do.. its not a full fledged computer. Its primary function is Music, Movie, WebBrowsing, Gaming(handheld), iBooks, Documents etc. And basically you will be running one of them at a time and not all, and thats no-brainer. Also, by default Apple iPhone OS support Music/Song on hte background alogn with many apps.

    2) iPad has no Flash
    – Again, here Flash is a dying technology. Many Major Companies like Google etc are pushing for HTML5, even youtube have converted all their videos from Flash to newer format. So, very soon Flash will be history. So, it makes complete sense not to add the burden of carrying along a dying technology and focus on what coming up.

    3) iPad has no camera
    – On the device there is no camera. And again there is no technically and logically suitable position to place a camera on a tablet unless you want some flimsy rotating section to hold the camera. But iPad still has province to support usb Camera through its docking port.

    4) Difficult to type keypad
    – Well, hardly anybody has used it so, its too early to comment that the touch keypad is bad.

    So, all i can say is wait for iPad to be released and then once many have started using it including yourself, write your review.

    I am no Apple fanboy but, I appreciate great technology and no doubt since many year Apple has been coming up with great technologies for the people. So, instead of throwing out whatever we have against iPad, give it some time to come into market and settle down. Apple is trying to bring life to a section of computing which other have failed. So, all I can say is wait and watch.


  4. Apple suX

    @sapam : You are definitely an Apple fan boy. Its very clear from the way you commented.

    Apple blocks flash as they don’t want people to run website that play online media using Flash. If they allow, people won’t purchase from their iTunes store.

    IPad is a tablet device. Its not a phone or music device. So definitely the users would need to type more that what they needed in a phone. So iPad virtual keypad sucks too.

    Camera is available in netbooks available at this price.

    So Apples policy is just to create big news. Next time they will release iPad with camera and something else. So they miss something in each versions to create hype and rumors for next version.

    Apple you moron.

  5. pts

    64GB ipad $829 convert to IND Rs.38400/ without vat
    +16% vat Rs. 6,240/ total price 44,640/

    32GB ipad $729 convert to IND Rs.33,676/ without vat
    +16% vat Rs. 5440/ total price 39,116/

    16GB ipad $629 convert to IND Rs.29,034/ without vat
    +16% vat Rs. 4,800/ total price 33,834/

  6. kk

    For each and every peep, who think apple sucks, should just one time, only just once use apple technology. I think you have never tested apple, they are far better than all other companies walking in the market including Sony.

  7. Nikhil

    Well all i can say is that Apple is just a platform to make a statement.
    It doesn’t actually contain user friendly features.
    It is actually something which is new and they have certainly created market focusing on people who wish to spend just to make statements.
    Personally i use iPod and Macbook and i still feel many features are missing.
    But the only thing i never miss is the eye of people.
    So Apple certainly has chosen good people to create market and now shifting on to making its stuff largely available to all like launch of this iPad for just $499.
    But i would like to suggest another thing is that Apple OS is free from viruses but many things cannot be installed on it which windows easily allow.
    On same lines there is no comparison of iPod’s sound quality and more importantly service (i got my iPod and headphones replaced after using 11 months and that too without any hitch an explanations) which is numero uno to any other competitor.
    So if there are certain things where they lack (or they lack intentionally) they have earned a soft corner among people who use them.
    Like even iPod has many things which i can get at much lower price than Apple’s but service is something that will prompt me to have this only same is with Macbook.
    So, make a wise deision on what your preferences are and go ahead.


  8. PS

    Totally agree. I actually live in a Microsoft world (given that most of the work is off Visual Studio), but there is NO other device out there which is always ON. I really dont want to BOOT my machine (oh I know I can hibernate, but that’s not the same) and start a whole set of apps just to order pizza or show my kids pics to someone. I know that there is a ton of things that could be added onto the iPad, but the fact that its a good wide screen that’s always on and mostly connected (with either wifi or 3G) is a BIG point for me. All the rest, the cameras, flash etc, I can live with.

  9. Santosh

    Well for the starters I would like to support Sapam here. He seems to have made some good points. And Nikhil, good view about the service as well. While my friend who has a HP laptop took a week to get his DVD drive repaired, I got it done for my MacBook within a day. Great service indeed.

    Now all we have to do is wait for the device to release. I would be buying it for sure. Either now, or after the first update they bring on it. Cos yes, Apple has the habit of updating it’s products for the better. Not adding a flimpsy software update and saying update, but a substantial update.

  10. RajeshN

    Am waiting for them to add
    1. Camera
    2. 3G
    so my wife can use it without me having to teach her much

  11. chakru

    Hmm Well apple doesn’t provide any new features in their product, their products just designed to enhance the user experience a bit more than what others has to offer for almost double or triple the price. I don’t want to double the price to get the same features what others provide just to get the feel of what apple provides on a temporary basis. We all get used to our products after using it for a month, I just don’t want to pay more just for that. They need to provide more features for the price they tag over their products.

  12. Jagminder

    am agree wid them who said dat we have to wait till it is launched in India ……presently im using macbook and iphone 3gs(16gb)…..both are very very gud ……as we all know iphone is known for itz touch and itz features and macbook is very very gud …….!!!!

  13. aditya

    i think dat i pad is useless and all da shortcomings shud be first removed and den a newer version shud be launched

  14. Sohil Post author

    Bro………… whats your problem with Apple…….

    how can you deny , what revolution I-POD brings to the world of music, and what IPhone did to Mobile inudustry…….. Now I-PAD……… 80 % Top Executives around the world dont want to carry LapTops, and definitly they dont want to sit infront of deskptops………

    and I-PAD is a Luxury on affordable price.. Apple know what executives want…and they deliver it with best…

    who cares if its keyboard is not so good..
    and who cares if its having flash, camera or not

    Beauty sell- thats the truth of business

    and i am sure… its the business funda – to launch camera, usb, dev. toolkit in comming years- and whats wrong it that-if they know better business than others…

    grow up…

    embrace the techonology

  15. chaming

    Apple acting like they have created all technology related to mobile phones. Remember they started mobile business in 2007 only. Nokia, Palm, HTC, Microsoft and all where in the mobile market. They copied innovations, and somehow managed file patents for all those technologies. Now they are using those patents to counter the true innovators.

    Remember that Apple used existing telecom technologies to create iPhone. None in this world can create a new phone from dust. Being the pioneers in market, Nokia and HTC has have made several contributions for the development of mobile phone industry. The mistake they made is that they didn’t applied for specific patents. Checkout Wikipedia to know who originally developed multi-touch. Its not Apple, they just copied the idea. And yes, soon they would sue god for creating Apple fruit which uses their brand name.

  16. yashvinder hooda

    ya i agree …that ipad is not a fully featured device but we should have trust on worlds no. 1 brand APPLE!!!!!!!!!
    every product of apple is awesome….i hav each n every one of them….now waiting 4 ipad

  17. sam

    Well first thought I wud buy one. but ooops it does not support flash web pages. such a limitation will put me down if I wish to trade online.

  18. geetha

    evry thing is perfect but how about CD-ROM ,WEB CAM!! so that it would be the best product to get purchased.

  19. Aerial

    ok let me tell u about apple..
    apple is the future and every other brands in the world tries to be like apple(but in vain )eg ipod, iphone and now ipad (in the future i m sure) so what if it doesnt have a flash or camera ) ipad gives so much more than what can be found in such a small device..u can load so many books (pdf files)on it and get an experience which cannot be found in a real knows what its doing ..its creating a new world… a better world..i love apple

  20. iloveapple




  21. dr.killer

    well guys….here i am….i m a apple user…..even b4 it launched in india i got it from us but it was unlocked….so to test its features i bought 1 wen it launched in india then i realised apple s****s…..v dnt find so many features in it they dnt provide any ting gud …..u dont get its accessories available…..u dont get apps for if u get dey dont work… all these nw u jdge wat apple products about…..

  22. Xahar Hassan

    Apple is definitely a revolution maker in technology.
    iPad’s design clearly indicates whom it targets.
    And there are this competitors who are gonna come up with iPad killers.
    So, let’s just sit relaxed and watch the technology fight and choose our product
    from multiple options available.

  23. bakar

    man apple is good for health…a apple a day keeps the tension away..thats what my grand father has always taught to my brother. now he is no more and i want to buy everything related to apple includimng apples. when there is summer season in india i cant find apples so better is to buy apple products…go go go..but some apples…be careful before buying apples as mother worm may have injected her tiny baby/larva in the apple …dont let a larva kreep up ur skull and then result into sudden death..newayz…watever..

  24. Aditya

    Just bought an ipad a day before & trust me guys its a awesome product, the keypad works fine , i couldnt trace any issues with that. Awesome interface, Great looks & ya above all tooo stylish to carry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    mUST bUy

  25. raghu

    I just gone through all the pessimist message, because of these kind of people ipad launch is getting delayed in India even though it has sold millions of i-pad across globe.
    From last 15 days i am using ipad, i just want to sat there is no such a unique device on earth; that is why it is sold in that large numbers. Definitely this device is not for average class this is a luxury

  26. biggiesmalls

    3G 16GB iPad for sale. New in box w/ docs and charger. Pre installed BSE skin & Kensington sleeve.

    Chandigarh local dealing only.

  27. Ravi

    I Pad really rocks they should have added features like the camera and also the USB that would make it better.Waiting for it to release in India.

  28. STEAVE's curse

    You know, mp3 players were around, then Apple gave us iPods.
    Microsoft Windows XP/Vista was around, then Apple gave us Leopard/Snow Leopard.
    Phones were around, then Apple gave us the iPhone.
    tablets were around, then apple gave us iPad.
    Yes, many of the things that Apple gave us with the iPhone 4 are already around, but hey, basketball players were around for a while, then Michael Jordan showed up ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s not just WHAT is done, but HOW its done that makes the difference. Acknowledge it.๏ปฟ

  29. Nitigya

    I am sorry to say but your information on iPad’s launch and price in India hardly has any base and seems to be just based on pure speculation. Its not yet launched in India (Its almost end of June now). More over, just dollar conversion and adding VAT don’t provide any cost estimate. You can look at the costings of other Apple products if you wan’t to compare. So, don’t just try to make up news or use keywords (India in this case) to get attention or search results.

  30. Mobiclue Team Post author

    Thanks for your comment and criticism. We posted it as all other websites are doing the same. We couldn’t stop ourselves from posting the expected price of iPad in India. We think that people also need to know the range at which it would be available here. We have added the price of iPad 3G and WiFi from Ebay India. You can get all models in India at that price. We will updated again with the official launch.

    Thanks again,

  31. Manoj

    Hi, I got iPad from US and wanted to use internet through USB 3G data card but unfortunetly it doesnt have USB port.

    Then i found leoxsys LEO-150N-BT 3G storage router which solve both purpose 3G internet and extended memory.I have plugged micromax mmx 300g 3g modem with BSNL 3G simcard to LEO-150N-BT 3G router and put 8GB Microsd card in Micromax mmx 300g modem.

    Now I am using wifi internet in iPad through Leoxsys router as well as using 8GB memory card as samba storage throught samba client of iPad.Its easy to take backup of all data of iPad.

  32. Nitigya

    @Mobiclue Team: Thanks for updating the prices and making the details more clear regarding the availability of iPad in India. I understand you need to share information considering competition, but It can always be done in more clear and fair way as in the article now.

  33. malaar

    Hi manoj – do u have a wifi I-pad or 3G

    Manoj says:

    June 23, 2010 at 3:26 pm
    Hi, I got iPad from US and wanted to use internet through USB 3G data card but unfortunetly it doesnt have USB port.

    Then i found leoxsys LEO-150N-BT 3G storage router which solve both purpose 3G internet and extended memory.I have plugged micromax mmx 300g 3g modem with BSNL 3G simcard to LEO-150N-BT 3G router and put 8GB Microsd card in Micromax mmx 300g modem.

    Now I am using wifi internet in iPad through Leoxsys router as well as using 8GB memory card as samba storage throught samba client of iPad.Its easy to take backup of all data of iPad

  34. sandeep

    haha this is almost to apple 4g but its price is very high……1 of every 1000 would buy ipad whereas 250 of every 1000 would buy iphone 4g which costs just 36000-42000

  35. Dost

    If you own an iPad, download this free application targeted for Indian audience. This app allows to read most popular news papers across India.

  36. Keith'O'

    I have been using the 64Gb 3G model for the past two months. I would like to suggest setting up a US account on iTunes and registering the device. This would get you loads of Apps, not available on the Indian site. Besides this you could also buy prepaid iTunes cards, to add credit to iTunes, which would enable you to buy great apps. Although I am a hard core Apple user, I would certainly recommend using an I pad as a replacement for a laptop, while on the go. It’s a blast when it comes to entertainment and the utilities are awesome. If you need instructions on how to go about setting up an account or buying prepaid ($) cards, then leave a note and I’ll give you a run down.

  37. Syed Kamran

    THAT is the device people have been waiting for months to drool over? It is just a big, (really) expensive iPod touch! How is this supposed to compete with netbooks when it only has a 1 GHz processor, a slightly beefed-up smart phone OS, no camera, no multitasking, and, once again, a VERY high price. I can buy a Dell mini 10 with 10x the storage, a faster processor, more RAM (most likely), a camera for Skype and such, and a FULL computer OS for about half the price of the starting model!
    visit my blog……

  38. Dev

    This device is so awesome that any gadget geek want to buy it please tell me the price range of 32 gb ad 64 gb.

  39. Naresh

    Hi all,
    Ipad its really cool! Can anyone suggest me the website that has free software downloads for ipad.

    Thanks & Regards

  40. santosh

    dude i owned one 3g phone n one I pod 4 i lost it i lost nearly 40.000 so whats the point in buying apple products u guise must ensure that apple should have some tracking device on it please there r number of thieves in world

  41. santosh

    dude i owned one 3g phone n one I pod 4 i lost it i lost nearly 40.000 so whats the point in buying apple products u guise must ensure that apple should have some tracking device on it please there r number of thieves in world so at least if u can track I pad i am goin to buy that one

  42. Pratik Patiljondhale

    actually i pad is like, u know….its a great creature of humans ability to make ease in life.its ok that some people have point out the features which are not in the i pad…but i would rather say insted of pointing out which it wont have, celebrate for its great success and please suggest good thing to apple do not point out its neagative features……..
    good luck to apple….

  43. mathew

    kindly inform price and models of carrying cases for i pad India. May I have the contact address of contacts in Cochin

    Thank you!

  44. RMP

    Hi All the jokers who read all these comments area **********.

    This iPad is absolutely a junk product. Please try Samsung Galaxy tab

  45. Rajesh

    Been using the 3G version for some months. Works fine. Checking e-mails has never been easier. Photos, music all very good. Battery backup very good. On the whole a great toy for grownups ๐Ÿ™‚ The only big limitation is that you need to buy accessories even to connect a pendrive.

  46. Me

    For Apple India is a dumping ground. When they want to dump their older versions, they launch in India. That has happened in the case of iPhone. When 4G was launched, they released 3GS here.
    So either people should boycott apple or take it to Apple India. Maximum apps created on itunes are from India. They need to RESPECT INDIA.

  47. vishal

    Ive been using the ipad since may’10..the virtual keypad is excellent and i had to return the additional keypad that i had bought.the touch is fabulous ..way out experience..yes there are issues with utube downloads in terms of clarity…its a buy for certain..recommended

  48. viren

    I think all you guys should read this.Dont buy apple products in India..cause apple is dumping their products here the moment the new versions come out in the US

  49. Ram

    i have Apple ipad in my own. New one fresh one for the rate of 40,000 in chennai. pls feel free to contact for buy it. my number 9171351003

  50. rishab

    all the accesories are separated for the ipad
    xtra keyboard
    xtra blutooth camera
    will u get a blutooth mouse for it??????

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