Apple iPhone 4 price, specifications and launch date announced

iPhone 4 price and specification

iPhone 4

Apple today launched iPhone 4, the fourth generation of the iPhone that uses recently announced iPhone OS 4.0. Earlier this year, a gadget blog called Gizmodo leaked iPhone 4 prototype, and they published the specifications of the iPhone 4. Today’s announcement has almost the same thing, but the name of the device is now confirmed as iPhone 4. The major features of the iPhone 4 include a new hardware design, 5MP main camera with HD video recording, highly improved display, 1GHZ apple A4 chip, new applications, improved battery life, gyroscope, and front facing camera for video calls. The device will be shipped with iPhone OS 4.0 (iOS 4.0) pre-installed.

iPhone 4.0 photos:

iPhone 4 specifications cost in India

Apple iPhone 4

The new iPhone 4 hardware specifications:

Apple iPhone 4 has the same 3.5 inch display as found in older models iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.  The display from the front side is covered by glass that is around 30 times stronger than  plastic. The new iPhone 4 has a better resolution 960×640 pixels and a contrast ratio 800:1 The OLED display used iPhone 4 uses Retina technology to improve the pixel depth to 336 pixels per inch. Thus it provides 4X quality of iPhone 3G S for viewing pictures and videos. The back side of iPhone 4 is also covered by glass and all other sides have stainless steel finish. The new iPhone 4 is one of the thinnest phones on earth. The device measures only 9. 3mm, is 24% smaller than iPhone 3G S. Apple iPhone 4 also ports a gyroscope component, which in addition with an accelerometer aids new applications and games requiring this facility.

The redesigned  button shaped volume controls sit in the left side of iPhone 34, along with a mute button.  There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack, extra  noise cancellation mic, and a sleep-wake button at the top side.  The bottom side of iPhone 4 includes normal Apple USB and dock connectors.   The improved camera is yet another new feature in iPhone 4. Among which, the front facing camera will be used for video calls ( Apple calls its Face time). Unfortunately, FaceTime supports video calls through WiFi only. The main 5Mp camera with LED flash in iPhone 4 supports 5X digital zoom and HD video recording at 720p.  Apple will use 1GHZ A4 chip for all iPhone 4 models, which could boost the browsing, multimedia speeds and overall over user experience of the phone.

iPhone 4 camera

iPhone 4 camera

The most important thing Apple cared while development of iPhone 4 is its battery life.  The new iPhone supports  6 hours 3G browsing, 7 hours 3G calling, 10 hours WI-Fi browsing, videos  and up-top 40 hours of music.  Other features of iPhone 4 include Quad band 3G at 7.2 Mbps, Bluetooth with A2DP, GPS, WiFi, etc. Available in two colors, white and black.

Apple iPhone 4 software features.

Apple announced new iMovie application for editing videos from their device, which can be  purchased separately from app store 5$.  Zynga, NetFlix and Activision announced Farmville, Netflix, Guitar Hero applications for iOS. Other features of  the iPhone OS 4.0 like folder view, multi-tasking, iBook support all are supported by iPhone 4. The new OS will ad iAd support for all iOS 4.0 applications.

Full iPhone 4 features and more photos here.

Apple iPhone 4 price and launch date.

Airtel and Aircel launched iPhone 4 in India under an attractive tariff scheme.  The pricing is designed in such a way that you will get your invested money back in 2 years of contract. The return is implemented as the savings on postpaid plans. You can also buy iPhone 4 without a contract- the prices are given below.

iPhone 4 16GB price in India- 34500.  (USA- $649)

iPhone 4 32GB price in India- 40900. (USA-$749)

You can now buy iPhone and iPhone 4S in India. For updated Apple iPhone price in 2012, visit India price Blog.

We recommend you to get factory unlocked iPhone 4 from eBay or other reliable online shopping portals. They sells it at a lower price point and you can use it on any network you want.  Want to compare iPhone 4 with other mobile devices? Check out our innovative mobile comparison application here.

145 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 price, specifications and launch date announced

  1. Venkatesh

    i don’t think i can afford it anyway!!
    so its better we leave dis phone 2 d rich guys!!!

  2. Ken

    Hey… anybody know how much it costs in Malaysia? And also the launch date for it?
    I dont get about Face Time… it needs Wi-Fi to connect in order to have a Face Time call? How does that work? I dont get it…. Anybody out there who can tutor me, please do so via comment… Thanks…

  3. Mobiclue Team Post author

    @Ken: You need a WiFi connection make FaceTime video calls. Apple is working with mobile phone carriers to enable 3G video calls. As you might know, in US they have partnership with mobile carriers, that let users to purchase iPhone 4 at lower rates. But if people make lot of video calls and enable 3G tethering, that would affect AT&T’s profit. No commitment price of iPhone 4 in US is 599$ for 16GB and 699$ for 32GB. You can convert this amount your local currency to get approximate rates.

  4. Ken

    Thx alot… appreciated it~ =D
    So, it means that, i cant have video call while im in the car or somehere that has no Wi-Fi?

  5. Clive

    I was just wondering when Canada will be getting the privilege of the new iPhone……we have to wait until September?? I hope not, I have been hanging onto my crapberry for the past 6 months waiting for this release. Any one have any info?

  6. Sammie

    How much this phone would cost in India when it arrives here…Can i ask my uncle to bring it from US for me….Will the phone work here(Last time I had some serious problems wid my laptop adapter)….And Is this worth a buy considering I have NOKIA N97…

  7. Clive

    okay so it IS possible to get from somewhere else and activate in Canada?
    if you have time you can send me a email to my email address to tell me how.
    I understand if your too busy to do so though. Thanks!

  8. Mobiclue Team Post author

    You said you already used an Apple iPhone. The touch in Apple iPhone is the best in industry. It cannot be compared with the resistive touch screen of Nokia N97. Also you have plenty of apps to choose from. For each and everything you have an iPhone application. iPhone 4 is improved in all aspects. It has 5MP camera, improved battery life, good processor, 16-32GB, video calling and iOS 4.0 features. So better sell you N97 and experience the new iPhone 4 🙂


    hey m from india…please tell me can i tell me brother in america to bring it for me?will it b unlocked?because the price difference is very much higher….please answer me soon guys

  10. Mobiclue Team Post author

    As you might know, iPhone 4 comes with a MicroSIM card slot. Even if its unlocked, you will need to find if your carrier support MicroSIM. Otherwise wait for official launch or try your luck cutting SIM card to MicroSIM.

  11. kells

    so even in france or canada or uk, which will be factory unlocked, the slot is still micro sim? how to get to the grey market thing anyways?
    desperado to get an iphone 4!! 🙂

  12. ritiks

    If i buy the iphone 4 from the UK or US, is it possible for me to use the phone in India? This whole thing is confusing me. Can somebody explain it in detail.

  13. Mobiclue Team Post author

    @kells: In UK, O2 also started sending Micro SIM card to pre-registered iPhone 4 customers. Many mobile carriers in the world are also preparing Micro SIM cards for their users. Factory unlocked iPhone 4 versions will also have Micro SIM slots. However, you can get Normal SIM to Micro SIM cutter tools from Ebay eg: It costs around 14USD.

    Ritiks: You can use iPhone 4 here in India, but a compatible Micro SIM is not yet available here. Better ask your mobile operator, or wait for another 2 months for official launch.

  14. Rishab Mehra

    PPl from India im buying an iphone 4 and i live in india……… u cant gt it frm usa as it has a contract and iso4 JB has not cme yet…….. Micro sim aint a prob…. u can cut ur sim into a micro sim… Google it……. AND RYT NOW U CN ONLY GT IT UK GERMANY CANADA i guess as dey offer unlocked iphones…. 16gb is worth arnd 500 pounds or 750 canadian dollars = approx RS. 35000 and wen it releases in india it will b over 45000! my uncle’s gettin it fr me! n i m d happiest person on earth!


    hi.. i am from india. i want the iphone 4 at $199. is it possible if my relative coming back from usa brings it for me?? if yes tell the procedure please… if no, please tell why..?? thnxx…..

  16. Satish

    @RAKSHIT: Please see the above comments chain to answer your question…hope this would help!

  17. ritiks

    I want to know the same thing as Rakshit. 45000/- is too much and I dont want to spend so much on the phone. Is it possible to get the 299$ phone from the us and use it here?

  18. Mobiclue Team Post author

    RAKSHIT: You will not get iPhone 4 at that price. In US, telecom companies have a contact based system that let users to get phones at lower rates. We need to pay full amount to get iPhone 4 in India. Factory unlocked iPhone 4 costs 599$ and 699$. So if you add taxes to this amount, it would cost around 35000-40000 INR in India.

  19. kells

    will there be an iso4 jailbreak soon? arghh i went to france on tour and they are out of stock.. it was sooo sad..

  20. anmol

    heyy neone can help me in snding me d iphone 4 frm u.s to india n make it unlokd….m ready to pay u the full amount……

  21. zeeshaan

    hi if any one wana iphone 3gs and latest 4g i will provide u in london and india in low price so mail me, and no problem to provide in contity. goodluck hurryup,

    Factory unlocked iPhone 4 versions, u can use with any gsm sim all over the world, so hurryup i can provide u both phone with low price and anyone cant sell as i can, and further any details then mail me i will give u all details of price and handset. bye bye goodluck u all. shaan

  22. sourav

    hi i am sourav from india , pls tell me apple iphone 4 16gb is $199 . . . . it is compatable in india . . . .pls tell me . . . . ????

  23. Mobile Blog Team Post author

    Hello Sourav, $199 is the contract based price for Apple iPhone 4 in USA. You have to jailbreak and then unlock that phone to use it here in India. Furthermore, you need to get a Micro SIM card. Another option is to buy factory unlocked iPhone 4 from UK, HK or any other countries. In that situation, it will cost around $ 599-$699 for the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 models.

  24. Hardik

    iPhone 4.,., if any1 want 2 use in india it can make difficulties for some days.,

    if u think that u can buy iPhone 4 for just $199.00, u wrong.,
    u cant use iPhone 4 (USA version) in india.,
    b’coz in USA it comes with contract for minimum 2 years.,
    so iPhone 4 (USA version) isn’t eligable 4 other networks.,
    nd new jailbreak version is also not developed yet., so u cant unlock that mobile nd use in other networks.,
    so forget about iPhone 4(USA version) for some days.,
    —may b after some months apple will start 2 sell factory unlock in USA.,

    Nd if u cant wait nd u can afford huge price then u can buy it from other contry like UK.,
    in UK it comes with factory unlock.,
    £499.00 – 16 GB – black
    £599.00 – 32 GB – black.,., (White iPhone currently unavailable for order.)

    nd the main thing is that iPhone 4 is better nd can perform best with 3G network.,
    so make sure ur network provider have powerful 3G network.,
    otherwise u cant use most features.,

  25. M.K. Vijay Bhushan


    i am Vijay please tell me when release in india i phone 4 , how much price in India i phone 4 & Unlocked Price, My Brother in Australia is coming November 1st week. He told U ask in India, i bringing for u Sir please healp me, Thank u



  27. nishant

    Ultimate phone . it rocks……………..
    But I can’t afford it , i’m toooooooooooooooooooooo sad. : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : (

  28. shivom

    can any body tell me the exact price of i phone 4 16 gb and when it can be available in india pleaseeeeeeeeee



  30. Ritika

    Karon,Glad you’re getting the phone but Apple needs to thinks about its sales along with class. Its not built its market here completely yet and 70 grand for a phone is not going to help them in any way.

    Btw where are you getting the phone from and for how much? I am planning to get it too but don’t know where exactly should I buy it from.

  31. Adi


    I have been following this thread for quite sometime. However I am a little confused, So I am going to ask some general questions?

    1) When is the new Iphone 4 being launched in India? What Price?
    2) Has the antenna and network issue been resolved? Some said one has to buy a $30 cover to rectify this issue?
    3) Whats the deal with the Micro Simcard? If one has to use it in india, what do I do? Someone mentioned about getting your sim coverted into a micro sim by using a cutter?
    4) What is a factory unlocked phone? are there any factory unlocked iphones4?
    5) Iphone 4 seems to have major Wifi issues? True or False?
    6) Is the iphone 4 available for sale anywhere in India? any black market? anyone selling?
    7) How can I ask my brother or friend to get me an Iphone 4 unlocked version from the US?
    8) is it true that the Iphone 4 has software or hardware problems?
    9) Anyone selling an iphone 4?
    10) Can I order an Iphone 4 on ebay or any other website to India?

    Sorry for the trouble. It would be nice to get answers to these question.

    Thanks & regards


  32. Gautam.A.S

    if i buy iphone 4 for $299 from US….will i be able to use all the other features like camera,music,wifi internet,video calling etc??????(i.e what exactly will happen when the phone is locked??)

  33. cathy

    Hi, i am getting iphone 4 from UK however, got to know that it is version 4.2. will it be a problem to get it unlocked from India. I have vodafone service but since micro sim is not yet introduced, by when can we expect existing service provider to introduce it.

  34. Ritika

    Hi Cathy, I am getting the Iphone 4. I am not too sure about the unlocking but about the micro sim, you’ll have to find out somebody who can cut it for you. There is somebody who I know is charging like around 300Rs. to cut it. If you wait for the service provider to introduce it, you’ll have to wait for long say at least two months more.

  35. sahma

    this phone is awesome i want this phone @ any how i wanna to buy this phone but i cant afford the price so can any body gift this phone to me ? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz my name is SHAMS RAZA

  36. shams

    this phone is awesome i want this phone @ any how i wanna to buy this phone but i cant afford the price so can any body gift this phone to me ? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz my name is SHAMS RAZA
    actually mujhse naam galat ho gya mera naam SHAMS RAZA hai

  37. dherock

    if any one is interested in buying iphone 3gs 16 gb unlocked nd jailbroken with 400 apps …plzz mail me here ( nd im selling it for 26000/-

  38. Pradeep

    @Cathy and Ritika
    Did any of you buy Iphone 4 from US. Even I wanna get it from US and get it unlocked here.

  39. Ritika

    Pradeep, I am getting it from Canada and getting it unlocked there too but there are people here who’ll unlock it for you. You’ll just have to find out. If you’re from Chennai I can try to help you out.

  40. iphone4

    hey i hv gt it 2 months back frm US its 599usd …. but it has sum problems with signal……but dey gave me a free case and it works pretty gud……..other dan dat d phone s gr8….

  41. Pradeep

    Hi Ratika, How much does it cost in Canada ? My plan was to get the phone from US @ 299$ and get it unlocked in India. but the thing is, it works with microSim right ? Anyway how can u help me ?

  42. ritiks

    It cost me 750 Canadian Dollars. I don’t know who does the unlocking here and all so got the unlocked piece from there only. That is a little expensive. Ya, you require a micro sim. You can either cut it yourself or get some professional to cut it.

  43. zain

    hi i have got an iphone from uk but unfortunately the touch screen is not working. where can i find support for iphone 4g in india

  44. ENRICO

    hi there!!

    Very much excited to have your iphone4 (32G) so when is it ready/available here at Riyadh, saudi now connected w/ advance vision saudi binladin group const and would like to have said iphone soonest…how much is its cost? do you deliver at doorsteps?

  45. ENRICO

    very much impressed and would like to know if its features really match the businessman/engineers on the go!!!!

  46. uday

    i heard that when iphone4 is jailbreakd,many of its functions does not work……
    is it true…..???if it is true then can thse issues be resolved…???

  47. karti

    supeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrbbbbbbbbb phoneeeeee yaaaaaaaarrrr!!!!!!!!!!! no other phone can beat this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. pallavi mocherla

    can anyone please tell whats the way to unlock the u.s version of iphone 4 in india??can u tell me where and how can i get it unlocked??also whats the price to unlock it in india??

  49. vijju

    hiiii , can anyone say exactly the price of iphone 4 in u.s,, and i heard that it is not 199d totally nd we hav to pay some amount mnthly as it has 2yr contract,,,, can anyone clear abt this?

  50. Gautam Aggarwal

    hey guys, I am planning to get an iphone 4 from canada which is factory unlocked. So my question is, will it work in India? I know the micro sim issue but that can be solved by buying a micro sim cutter from ebay. thanks in advance.

  51. Ritika

    Hey Gautham, I got my factory unlocked phone from Canada only. Except the sim no other issues. All chill.

  52. dinesh

    you said you can help unlocking iphone4 @ chenna i…i have decided to buy iphone4 from US.
    the only reason that restricts me is unlocking it…
    can you help???
    if it is possible to unlock iphone @ chennai ill surely buy it

  53. kulwinder

    iphone da lock kholan lai itune software download karo install kar k iphone 4 nu computer nal jod k software update karo mai ipod da lock kholia canada to magvai c brother to

  54. Sugan

    Hi All and @ Ritika…
    I am also from chennai…. I am planning to get Iphone from US through my friend…
    The Price is quoted as $199.. Does this include the AT&T contract…? If not, how much will be the total price in US…. Can my friend bring it to India without any problems….
    Help me…

  55. vinod

    @ sugan

    $199 was the price under AT&T contract.. If you to buy without AT&T contract then you have to go for un-subsdized price that is 599$ + tax . taxes will come aroung 50$ . So the total price will be around $650.

  56. Venkataramana

    hey i got this phone.. its a junk phone.. nvr buy this one..
    anyone can contact me at – 09901491260

  57. inder

    i like iphone …. now i have 2 iphone 3g n 4.. ………. both are awesome….
    now i m waiting for next series …. like 5g n more

  58. suafi

    Many people told me that Chinese iphone 4 is the cheapest and factory unlocked, thats awesome. Just got an iphone 4 from china without me traveling there. XD
    This is the website:Wholesale unlocked apple iphone 4,iphone 3GS,factory price

  59. rohan

    hey plz anybody can tell me cost of apple 4 16gb and can i buy it frm usa and got unlocked here hw much cost it become

  60. Michelangelo Raja

    @pallavi mocherla
    i can get it unlocked for you. in india its costing about 37 thousand for a pre-factory unlocked phone currently & 27 thousand for a 3gS.

  61. AAA

    Just got an iphone4 Today in Melbourne for AUD 859 16gb unlocked from APPLE store…..its a kool phone…

  62. Ishaan

    hey guyss i m really sorry 2 hav asked ques abt apple 3gs but was not gettin answer nywhere i hope u wud help me out….
    i got a 3gs recently nd found that its camera is not workin properly.. photos are comin in d manner as negatives( of photos) come(when i focus for clicking den only negative like thin appear on screen). so can anyone suggest me a solution for this.. i switched off my mobile but nthng happened.. plzz guyss i really need help

  63. Iphone4'z girlfriend

    This phone is my lover,i fuck it,we always month on 29 is our wedding everybody is invited,please dont miss coz we will be giving away free young iphone babez.but this one i aint givin it to any shithole for all the wedding vows am gonna say i do.this iphone4 o i mean my wife is great!

  64. gaurav

    its already november and iphone 4 isnt launched in india……wat’s dis?when do i get my phone?any updates?

  65. varundadude

    hi guys & girls n8 or samsung galaxy s i9000 is better than apple iphone4g so buy n8 ots looking cool and fuck off unlocked factory………………..



  67. Denys NGABO

    Hellas !!!Is it possible that the same iphone 4 be appear in the miselable country as RWANDA? Please , help me to find it the nearest. I love it sooooooooooooooo and I NEED IT.

  68. sasha

    hello mobiclue team,
    am sasha from india, its a request that u pls pls reply soon.
    Iphone is the only phone i am gonna buy tat to iphone 4 bt many issues keep on coming up tat stops me.
    so i wanna know tat wen are the service providers here will get a nod from apple for iphone 4 users in india ? wot is jail break ? wot is d contrat all about ? n wots d current price in USA ? n which is cheapest place except for grey mkt?
    since now we r getting unlocked phones anywhere n everywhere then cant we gt in d same price i.e 199$ or 299$ ??
    PLease please reply to me very soon.
    Thank You

  69. Mobile Blog Team Post author

    Dear Sasha, $199 and $299 are the iPhone 4 rates for US customers on the basis of a monthly subscription plan. That means after paying $199 or $299 , you have to continue to be on a plan that costs around $25 per month for at least 2 years. You won’t get iPhone 4 at that price in India. But you can get a factory unlocked model from grey markets if you are ready to pay around 40000 INR for 16GB model. Jailbreak is a process by which you can install non-apple approved apps in your iPhone (even cracked). Also you can unlock your phone from a carrier after the jailbreak.

  70. Gautam Aggarwal

    Hey guys, just received my iPhone 4 32gb from U.K it cost me GBP 540 including vat refund of 10%. It’s factory unlocked and it’s freaking amazing. No other mobile can beat this. Everything is working perfectly alright, no glitches, no signal problem nothing. I am on idea network and it’s working perfectly.

  71. mansi

    hello mobiclue team,
    i wanted to gift my bro in India iphone4, will be buying it in us. can he use it over there???

  72. Mobile Blog Team Post author

    It’s better if you can get a factory unlocked iPhone 4 for your brother. Devices locked with At&T will not work with Indian mobile networks. Of course you can jailbreak and unlock your device to make them work here, but you have to do that after each iOS software update. Also a proper unlock tool for iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1 (latest version) is not yet available.

  73. mansi

    mobiclue team,
    i have a another question if i buy the unlocked phone does it take the Indian sim card??????the sim card size is the same???? can i use it????and I have a iphone already and for 2months can i use Indian sim in it, as I will be in India.
    plz reply as earliest

  74. Mobile Blog Team Post author

    You can use the factory unlocked model anywhere in the world with any network. Just connect it to the iTunes and actiavte. We heard that BSNL, Vodafone and Airtel started providing Micro SIM cards for iPad and iPhone 4 users in India. But this is not official so it my be difficulty for you to get one. So you have cut your Indian SIM card manually to a Micro SIM card. Another option there is to get a Micro SIM card cutter from eBay

  75. mansi

    and if have buy a att&t connection iphone4 then after jailbrake it in india, can i use indian sim card in it????????i have to cut the sim to the size of the phone??????

  76. mansi

    cut the sim to the phone sim size…..what is the difference between the phone that i already have with at&t connection and the one which is unlocked phone….

  77. mansi

    waiting for the reply mobiclue team, not very much clear with the sim card thing. in iphone4 will have small sim only??

  78. shah

    mobiclue team,
    if i buy a ATT&T contract phone (which has some monthly charges) can i crack it in India.and use it in India.
    waiting for your reply

  79. Sangye Jaitlee

    Apple iphone 4 price is too high although it may be latest but it has no value after six months since more sophisticated better than this may evolve for the new generation then what the heck????????? you may be sure what i mean………….

  80. Viral

    This is the best mobile phone I have ever owned. I held off on buying the iPhone for the first three generations because it is locked to AT&T in the USA and you can only acquire apps through Apple’s proprietary App Store. This sort of closed platform was a real put-off to me (and still is), but when it came time to buy a new mobile phone (my old one was dying) I knew there was only one choice. So I bit the bullet and got an iPhone 4.

  81. nikhl

    hiiiii can any one tell me the cost of apple iphone 4 pricen india plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  82. Abhijit

    Hello Guys,
    If anyone wanna buy Iphone-4, 16GB,with original apple screen guard, UK , factory unlocked….New Phone in black colour..
    Please mail me at or just miss cal me on +447411281968
    I will cal you back…Just for 32K…


  83. parsi

    if i buy iphone 4 $199 in usa what is the exact per month price which i have to pay and till when….???i wud be goin to us so can i bring it to india after 2-3 months….will it work here?
    help me frndsss?????

  84. Abhijit

    Hello parsi,
    Its gonna be so much costly for you..Because if you will buy it on contract then duration will be mostly around 2 will have to pay almost double than the original price…of course you can use it in india provided it is factory unlock..

  85. Saurav

    Hello mobiclue team…..i jus wanna ask if i go to usa and buy an iphone4 at $299 with at&t contract and come back to india in 10 days can i jailbreak it and unlock it here and use it here with any network??? Does that mean i got that phone for $299 only???please reply soon …..I’ve seen some dev team have created some software which can jailbreak and unlock an iphone4…so if i get that software does that mean i got dat phone for $299 only??

  86. shravan

    If i get an unlocked Iphone 4 from US then where can i get it unlocked here in Bangalore.Also when will the Iphone 4 will be launched in India(Bangalore).

  87. BOND007

    Hi every body…i got the i phone 4 32 GB at 45000 and i want somebody to sell me another one in atleast 25-30k …if any body is there please contact me on the same website…looking forward for your replies

  88. malgayan

    hi guys
    i got both these phones n its amazing..i think that no other phone will be able to beat this phone in anyway….both 3gs and 4 have great features..the only problem i had is the micro sim in here sri lankan carriers doesn’t support for micro sims. so i had to use a sim cutter.

    and now the both phones are working fine..


    hi guys

    i bought iphone 4 from USA, after paying full amount of contract, but its locked.
    can i get it unlocked from USA by at&t as i have already paid for the contract amount ?

  90. chirag

    i wanna to see free preview of iphone 4
    thenafter i give any coments about it
    so,pls show me preview as much as possible

  91. sudarshan

    i don’t think i can afford it anyway!!
    & it is also not supported 2d MARATHI LANGUAGE
    so its better we leave dis phone 2 d rich guys!!!

  92. Karan

    Hiiii… if i buy i phone 4G 16 0r 32 gb from bangkok this week ……… much will it cost???? plz give full details

  93. suyash

    i bought n8 this december…..nd ip4 was nt launced till then in india…….i wasted my money on that shit

  94. rahul

    i m buying the i phone from germany? can i buy it from germany and use in india? is it possible to unlock the i phone in india? kindly suggest????

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