BOLT mobile browser version 2 is now available for download

Download Bolt 2 mobile browser

Download Bolt 2 mobile browser

Bitstream announced the development of BOLT 2 web browser for mobile. The exiting BOLT 1.7 provides desktop alike web experience in Windows mobile, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other mobile devices with support for Java software installation. Bolt web browser is somewhat similar to Skyfire on a comparison with its option to play flash videos within the browser itself. BOLT 2 uses server side compression technologies like that  in Opera, to speed up mobile browsing and reduce data charges. The browser added several features from version 1.7. The existing stable download of BOLT browser includes Facebook and Twitter integration, widgets, download manager, improved flash support, etc. The major change in Bolt 2 is the addition of tabbed browsing.

BOLT 2 mobile browser:

BOLT 2.0 browser tabbed browsing

BOLT 2.0 browser tabbed browsing

BOLT 2 mobile browser is based on the web-kit engine. This makes it more acquiescent with web standard tests like Acid3. The browser, therefore, delivers web pages in small mobile screen with maximum suitability. BOLT supports AJAX and other JavaScript technologies. So users can run web applications and complex web pages all at faster speeds and less data charge. Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Mafia Wars all run perfectly on BOLT mobile browser.  The good thing is that BOLT 2 works on low and high-end mobile phones, unlike Skyfire that’s still available only on certain platforms.

BOLT 2.0 widgets

BOLT 2.0 widgets

We  felt an improved YouTube video playback in BOLT 2.0. The browser plays videos perfectly on GPRS/EDGE connections.  Quality of videos, images and web pages can be adjusted from the preference menu. BOLT  browser includes a patented split screen technology, which helps users to move through complex web pages in a very easy way. The mouse alike pointer can be used inside the web page to focus things on the split screen. Twitter and Facebook integration helps users to update their status messages within the browser window.  BOLT 2 browser also includes a set of browser based web apps or widgets.  The widget gallery of BOLT browser includes weather, calendar, calculator, twitter, bolt forum web apps that can be installed and run on the browser window itself. Other features  of BOLT include an option to save web pages, images, password -download manager, copy-paste, etc.

Download Bolt 2.5 here. (extract RAR file after download)

BOLT browser 2.0 is now under beta testing. So still there is a room for  improvements and bugs fixes.  The default font size after BOLT 2.0 installation is set as small. So for the first time it will be difficult read things from browser interface. Go to preferences and change font settings to fix this.

13 thoughts on “BOLT mobile browser version 2 is now available for download

  1. koushik das

    i want to know about samsung windows mobile.where firefox avail.what is modele no and price?

  2. Hafiz

    I donwload bolt 1.32 on my fon and due some problems I startup my fon and lost it, now I deciaded to dlwd it again but it appears on my fon invailed application. Pls I need help from helpers.

  3. dino

    i want to install bolt 2 mobil browser becouse my fon alcatel ot 806 don’t work on youtube.
    pls help me, if is posible to do,

  4. David

    I already have the new bolt 2.31 but i want the bolt 2.0 and anytime but i cannot download it. Pls send me a link i can use to download it. Great job with the 2.31. Thanks

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