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Samsung Corby price and specifications

By Mobile Blog Team
Samsung  Corby Price specifications

Samsung Corby

Samsung today officially unveiled new S3650 Corby touch phone after Samsung Jet and Samsung Star budget touch phones. Our first impressions on Samsung Corby is that its basically a phone well suited for ladies and young students. It looks more compact than Samsung star and is available in multiple colors. Samsung S3650 Corby specifications includes a 2 mega pixels camera, 2.8 inch QVGA capacitive touchscreen, upto 8GB expandable memory , Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and 2G connectivity. Samsung S3650 Corby will be launched in Europe this month with initial pricing of 150 euro. Its really high when compared with the specs of LG cookie and Samsung Star 2G that offer 3 mega pixel camera at a lower rate than Corby .

Samsung S3650 Corby specifications :

Samsung S3650 Corby cost in India

Samsung S3650 Corby cost in India

Like any recent Samsung release,  S3650 Corby also include on screen widgets to access web 2.0 social websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket etc. Samsung Touchwiz user interface  makes it easy to organize and arrange these widgets. Corby’s 2.8 inches TFT touch screen comes with accelerometer sensor and inbuilt on screen keyboard. Li-Ion 960 mAh battery, FM radio with RDS, full function web browser, GPRS class 10 are the other notable features of new Samsung S3650 Corby . This phone is black in color from front side, and anything from Jamaican Yellow, Cupid Pink, Minimal White or Festival Orange on backside .

Samsung Corby full specifications, price and photos (click the link)

Samsung S3650 Corby price in India :

The latest price of Samsung S3650 Corby  is around 5400 INR in India. Now Samsung has launched other Corby models in India, including CDMA and Android versions. You can compare all Samsung Corby models, price, specifications all using our comparison tool here.

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You can do more comparisons using the above mentioned phone search tool.

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242 Responses to “Samsung Corby price and specifications”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Value for Money phone

  2. Anonymous says:

    its a good phone with good features

  3. rishita guha says:

    its really a cool nd trendy phone for the youth nd dats wy i luv it

  4. Anonymous says:

    i just luv ths phone….. cool n awesome!!!!!;))

  5. Anonymous says:

    wat z itz price in india?????????

  6. admin says:

    Samsung Corby phone with 2GB card and one year warranty sells at 8,599 in authorized Samsung stores .

  7. Deny Sebastian says:

    yeah its a nice piece..looking ahead..

  8. Anonymous says:

    wats the price of this mobile in india

  9. Anonymous says:

    hmmm….very good phone

  10. anushree says:

    anushree i am planing to buy a new phone can u plz tell me the configurations of samsung corby and samsung touch 2g

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    i just love love love love love love love love love love lot just find out why ?????????

  13. Anonymous says:

    whats the price of samsung corby including tax??

  14. friends says:

    hi can u please tell in which showroom this mobile is available in

  15. GaurAv says:

    samsung rocks yaar……aankhe band ker ke le lo

  16. Anonymous says:

    whats the price & is it better to buy from samsung store or from any dealer

  17. Make Money Online says:

    Its a value for money deal..

  18. Anonymous says:

    poorvika sells at 8000 in chennai

  19. Anonymous says:

    Excellent phone….value for money…. neat one..

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Ravi says:

    yesterday i purchased it from sangeetha mobiles hyderabad, its price is 8400 INR, it looks supereb.

  22. Anonymous says:

    gud one…

  23. Anonymous says:

    whatz….itz…price in india ???????????

  24. Anonymous says:

    You can get at 7,200 in gurgaon, Ansals Palaza shoping arcade.

  25. Rajiv says:

    gud phone

  26. mittey says:


  27. Prashant says:

    Wonderful touch screen phone at affordable price…!!! Hats – off to Samsung… ;;)

  28. Anonymous says:

    hellow watzz d price of d phone?????:-/

  29. Anonymous says:

    very fuddu phone

  30. Anonymous says:

    cutie phone hai.. =))

  31. Anonymous says:

    Nice phone but if we wait some time may be prices come down may be to Rs.7000-8000.

  32. manoj says:

    wats da price of dis phone in hyderabad

  33. Anonymous says:

    love for all 03066666367

  34. Anonymous says:

    what the price in $ pls who know ?

  35. sanu says:

    fools you all

  36. Anonymous says:

    i bought it @ Rs. 8,200 10 days ago…

    Dont buy this f*cking virus addicted phone. I supports good features and also supports great virus definations..

    Buy and throw in service centers…..

  37. Anonymous says:

    Not so good at all . F*uk the phone

  38. rj_hitwiks says:

    :) sadela phone hai !!!!!!!!!!! better buy LG cookie

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hey its really very nice cell, planning to buy it!!! any suggesstions regarding the same???????????//

  40. Anonymous says:

    Just now i have bought, 2 hrs ago, very nice phone, it cost me 7300 in kalina, mumbai, maharashtra, india,

    sad thing is tht there is no wifi

  41. Anonymous says:

    the phone sucks………

  42. Anonymous says:

    plz tell me the price for samsung corby….i want the cell within my budget rs.7500…..would i be able to buy it?

  43. Anonymous says:

    well of many features it lacks the Flash module and so pictures cant be taken in dark… thats the most lack i found it in ..

    otherways nice music

  44. Anonymous says:

    i just loved this phone …its cool and trendy

  45. Anonymous says:

    good phone…..excellent battery back up…..charge stays for almost 7/8 dayss……

  46. Harry_singh says:

    i got corby 4 days ago. i got 7750Rs from Punjab(Ludhiana). It's very good phone at this price. it's touch is very sensitive like apple i phone.using Facebook, twitter over cory nice worked. wap speed is good. but camera is lacking some where. camera is just ok not too good. Battery backup very nice. sound is very good. i played mp4 videos on this is clarity amazing. watching mp4 videos on corby wonderfull. all the thing is value for money, stylish nd good for youngster. smasung lounched three model of corby 1. smasung corby(quetry key board)6500Rs. 2. samsung corby (touch) 7750Rs. 3. samsung corby Pro (Touch + sliding quettry key board) 10,000Rs. Price including all of the vat nd taxes with bill nd one year warranty.

  47. chetan says:

    Samsung corby S3653 is awesome, got mine today from ebay India for only Rs.6990/- and good news is that, i have to pay the money in 6 EMI's without any extra cost.

    Full touch phone with such a low price will give stiff competition to Nokia.

  48. Anonymous says:

    please any one tell me.its camera is nice for pic. or not

  49. Anonymous says:

    hey wher in kalina,mumbai did u got the phone for 7,300 INR..?

  50. harsh says:

    a gud cell phone wid a worth of money

  51. aravind says:

    tell me genuinely how the phone is?

  52. Anonymous says:

    does it have software problems??

  53. Anonymous says:

    i'm looking to buy corby in january shall i buy it or not

  54. Anonymous says:

    i purchaced da phn vry gud phn!!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    very good & sexy fone.

  56. Daljeet says:

    It is a very smart mobile. I like it but i Purchase in feb.

  57. ritesh says:

    does it has key board facility????????????

  58. Anonymous says:

    do it hv flash(white lite provided fr bettr pics) in it???????

  59. Ankur says:

    bahut achha phone hai ekdum mast hai bhai

  60. Anonymous says:

    fuck cool phone [8-}]

  61. kishore says:

    the most palthu phone i had never seen……….

  62. Anonymous says:

    :D, seems Good

  63. Anonymous says:

    Hey its really very nice cell, planning to buy it!!! any suggesstions regarding the same???????????//

  64. Anonymous says:

    stupid phone :((

  65. Anonymous says:

    I got it 7500 in kolkata

  66. Anonymous says:

    it's a very very very very very very cool cool cool cool cool cool sexy sexy sexy sexy trendy trendy trendy trendy and smart smart smart smart phone. it rockz rockz rockz rockz.

  67. Anonymous says:

    its a very good touch phone and i am loving it ;;)

  68. Anonymous says:

    it is bad mobile because it was fucked by all nokia xpress music phone

  69. Anonymous says:

    mobilestore giving at 7600 in delhi on 04jan

  70. Anonymous says:

    i love the phone .. its damn nice ..

  71. Anonymous says:

    it's realy very very very very Gud phone.

  72. Anonymous says:

    please suggest …… it ok or not

  73. Anonymous says:

    what the price of corby

  74. Anonymous says:

    wht is d cost of sumsung corby…how durable it is..plz let me knw wht d best model in samsung

  75. Anonymous says:

    Guys i dont know the exact features of this phone, can any one help me out… planning to buy this, but the comment is good as well as bad…. guys plz suggest me……

  76. sanjeev says:

    The price of samsung corby touuch is 7782 including reebok sunglass and samsung bluetooth.

    offer is valid till 26th jan in bangalore central ezone.

  77. Kewal shinde says:

    Beleive me if you want to Goog, better and Best , it is only Samsung corby!!!!!!!!!!!!!rocks all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Anonymous says:

    :)) ;)) ;;) 😀 😉 :p :(( :) :( :X =(( 😮 :-/ :-* 😐 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

  79. Go0gLy-Eye$ says:

    hey… i need help so is it a gud fone or not cause everyone sez its very guud!! oh!!!… and wats da price in Rands??

  80. Nits says:

    gud phone with really affordable price, my sis buy it before 2 month price 7800/-.butthis is not excellent phone.

  81. Anonymous says:

    it's cool but i cannot buy it b'coz i dont have money to buy it

  82. Anonymous says:

    i want to have some. is this good? are the features good? or its just look good?

  83. Anonymous says:

    koi girlfriend ban jaye gi kya iss phone se:x

  84. Anonymous says:

    i want to knwn how abu the message n all. is tis ph good for chat?..bcoz i have more then 12 gf..i shld maintain al in 1 ph .. so i need very good ph..

  85. Majan says:

    I think it’s good and nice can get it.

  86. Majan says:

    I think it’s good for now and feature.and the price is almost cheep than other samsung new phones.

  87. nilesh rahate says:

    Dear ALL
    I am an Architect & Product Designer working with CGLmumbai..As per me this samsung corby touch is mindblowing….sporty , trendy..worth to buy in very low price with all designer features. ex colour option…..
    I love corby….


  88. sgahjs says:

    samsung corby is a marbelous mobile with so many features at a resonable price!!!

  89. sgahjs says:

    it is a fantastic phone with many features and at a reasonable price!!!!!

  90. shashank says:

    is this phone is like nokia n gage ???
    and what is the price of corby mate???

  91. Soumik says:

    Giv me sum Specification of corby & its price

  92. vinayak rane says:

    nice cell planing to buy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Venkatesh says:

    Don’t Purchase this mobile Rate is Very Costely compare to other CDMA Mobiles

  94. xyz says:

    hey guyz m totaly baffeld by these commnts plz temme is it gud 2 purchase tiis mob or nokia is more relaible????? :(

  95. pradeep says:

    cool & i wanns to in the next week

  96. sambhu patra says:

    eKdUm JhAkasssssssss

  97. sambhu patra says:

    eK dUM jHAKass phOne hai ….Mast

  98. sambhu patra says:

    le lo aankh band kar ke

  99. chetan gupta says:

    i want to buy the phone i want to know that does its price really on fall or not.

  100. Sharath MD says:

    Hi friends tis is very good moblie. There r very good feture in tis moblie. Just before a month i took tis mobile. its very nice to use. Now planning to by another moblie on March 1st and gift to my brother birthday

  101. Joe says:

    Its looks really good, i dono about the featuring !

    sharath, can you temme whats the actual price of it @ present, am planning to buy it.

  102. karishma says:

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Is that offer still valid ???? i need to have Samsung corby (the offer is attractive as well)…give me the contact person details or the shop address of the bangalore where i can get it.


  103. Manoj says:

    FInally no one tell whether it s hvng keypad or not..????
    How abt music in corby..??
    Is tht musik k..? or good..? or fair..?

  104. Subhash says:

    bahut bekar phone hai mat lena

  105. priyesh says:

    the price should be reduce the mobile is very nice
    but price is more and try to put more than 3 mega pixel camera
    and bring price down to RS. 5500 to 4500
    then i will surely buy these phone
    i love these mobile very much

  106. Faiz Sheikh says:

    I really liked this Samsung phone, but I m unsure if i really need it, bcoz I already own a blackberry 😉

  107. sumit says:

    Samsung corby must have have a flashlight, because without it pictures would not be clear in night.

  108. S.A.S mohammad says:

    I really liked this mobile of samsung corby but it should contain internet enabled in it
    so that the user also get the benefit of internet explorer in the mobile phone tooo
    instead of wasting the time like waster things picasa,twitter,facebok.etc etc etc etc etc,,,

  109. himanshu says:


  110. rishabh sudan says:

    price is too high

  111. sree says:

    ya very cool mobile,,,,…………………..

  112. gaurav says:

    Hey guys its a good phn. nd buddy if u have dis phn girl get impressed very quickly ..

  113. dhinesh says:

    this is a waste phone

  114. pranjal says:

    mera budget 6 thousand hai insaniyat mar gayi kya bache ki jaan loge samsung walo daam sasta 20 tarik ke pehle

  115. dILIP says:

    good to have a cell like corby

  116. shikant says:

    its a waste phone……

  117. abhinav says:

    my dream phone…i really love it..
    whenever i get my salary i’ll buy it..

  118. Arnab says:

    Kewal just bought 1 yesterday. He feels Corby is the coolest phone ever………..Thumbs Up to Corby.

  119. sudeep says:

    i like corby but the price is very high shud be reduced to 5000-6000

  120. sami says:

    this the the best phone i love it it had good things in it i got it in 22.12.2009
    of rs:7950.00 for that much money it is dam good…..

  121. gurbaa singh says:

    i samsung corby new yes newwwwwwww goddddddddd

  122. Amitian says:

    Bhai phone t jarur levaange par paise to hone jaruri s nai……

  123. Rajat says:

    It is very dunga phone

  124. Rikhi says:

    There should be 3.2 mp camera …..

  125. javed says:

    it is very nice

  126. candy says:

    its a flop and waste phone…..

  127. candy says:

    its a flop ph

  128. inayat says:

    I want to buy samsubg corby but looking at the comments I am little unsatisfied . I was going to buy it on 5th March but first I will see the comment of peoples who are using it. Afterall 7000 is a big amount for me and I will buy it but I have post pond the date sorry!

  129. Teji Gill says:

    it is a ok kind mobile , camera must be 3.2 and must be with flash. but the sound quality is good mp4 display is excellent. corby is good for thosewho love to listen music. it is not good for business people.

  130. raunak says:


  131. deepak tomer says:

    I like but the price is too high…………………

  132. manoj says:

    I like this phone But price is very high

  133. Archana says:

    I have seen this mobile. Look wise it’s good but the functions are not too good. Battery life is very less and the colors which are available in market are very dark. I need black which looks professional but black is not available :-( also the camera quality is bad. If we transfer the piture on computer it looks blurry. Also the important thing Internet connection is not available on the mobile so tha cost should be less.

  134. Archana says:

    Give it to me…. I am ready to accept. 😛

  135. bhaskar mamgain says:

    bekaar phone hai bhai logon building ki chat se phenka tha to tut gaya aur network busy rehta hai main to barbaad ho gaya………..lut gaya bachaooooooooooooooooooo………..koi mat kharidna micromx ke phone lelo achhe hain vo badiya hai samsung ko to company band ar deni chahiye………………… murdabad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. madhu says:

    i love the mobile but i want the price in u.a.e please tell me send it to my mail=

    please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  137. gagan arora says:

    samsung Corby latest and good feature But in competative market price sholud be reduced , As every month we have new model in the market with similar or additional features , But i tell you CORBY is the best … one should purchase – Price ???

  138. harish says:

    I want to buy samsubg corby but looking at the comments I am little unsatisfied .
    please tell me the current price of this mobile on my e-mail id and that is



  139. Rubal... says:

    I Love Dis Phone….Bt Price is High……:-/

  140. karan says:

    free mein de do…

  141. vijay says:

    as i m using this ph, it is realy gud to hv ph like this,,
    it has many features,, n i love the sound quality of this ph,, bst for music lisner’s
    have it,,,,,

  142. manish says:

    d phone is very nice bt d price is a bit high. wanna buy it reduce d price to suits it d best

  143. sneha ullal says:

    this phn is a gud one…………im sneha ullal a bollywood star…..i feel tht this phone is a vry gud one………its worth it……but the rate is tooooo loow…….i have the pink colour one……..i gt one cel phn which s in yellow to my boyfrind and i gave a whte one to my best frnd sasha………she loved it………….i guess it wud b vry nce f ull i ull buy this cell…………….and one thing im tellin nw itself “its worth it”

  144. ARCHI says:

    a lovely phn……..wid realy gud featurs n its vibrant color’s……….i luvd it! juzz da price shuld b reducd to 5000-6000….plz!

  145. Hemanth says:

    I liked the cell sooooooooo much,but the cost is toooooooo much.What can I do?Please reduce the to 5k to 6k.

  146. Hemanth says:

    Yah!sneha I felt the same thing.Thanks for giving yhat.

  147. Alert says:

    I hv purchased it & camera quality is really bad. plz check camera b4 u go 4 it.

  148. Deepak says:

    oye thode aur deke nokia ka hi aa jayga. Amier kuch bata yar in logo ko………

  149. Kishore says:

    Is it price to high.
    Disadvantage, it was not having a flashlight and sms storage to low even 2mega pixcel not bad to be compared these price. My thought is actual price to be declared 5k to enough samsung corby.

  150. rajesh says:

    is it good for gprs or internet its my basic requirement but iam looking at the comments I am little unsatisfied .
    please tell me the current price or speed of the gprs of this mobile on my e-mail id and that is

  151. rajesh says:

    is it good for gprs or internet its my basic requirement but iam looking at the comments I am little unsatisfied .
    please tell me the current price or speed of the gprs of this mobile on my e-mail id and that is

    rajesh manali himachal

  152. pavan says:

    corby is a new n nice phone by samsung……….
    i like most that………….
    it s guru of touch edition by samsung india……….

  153. samantha says:

    people even if u don like d phone don spoil d company repitation so badly !! corby is a damn cute phone i like it alot

  154. ashok lathwal says:

    it s a faboulous phone

  155. anup says:

    very fentestic mobile ,aakhe band kar ke le lo.

  156. abhisek says:

    Hv u used it? Is it handy?

  157. chaman gupta says:

    corby does not have agud quality of touch screen

  158. pratap says:

    my name is pratap , i bought a phone which looks very sexy cute tremendous , i really feeling happy to buy that has excellent features with no other cell matched , excellent keypad , battery back up 5 days , bright torch , cute colour , dual sim , mp3 player , 2000 contacts , it’s it’s it’s onida v130a one and only one
    buying all touch screen phones is waste infront of onida v130a is better
    it’s cost 1800

  159. sagar says:

    hi sanjeev i take ur phone. u wana sell so reply to my id

  160. Vineet says:

    it proved a sweet phone for me and my gf.Really its too good

  161. pintu says:

    very very sexy look & sexy mobile.pintu_143.

  162. rabindra ku pradhan says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii……………..this is very sexy handset.i like it very much………………….realy i love this handset……….

  163. Siddharth says:

    Rs 7100

  164. Prashnth.m.g says:

    Samsung mobiles very very very gud models very powerful power battery backup sexy phones my family all r using samsung phones. my mom e1160. my brother s3310 my lover m2710 & i m using corby pro nokia phone very very waste mobiles ful hunging no battery backup phoones warst phones i hate nokia phone i love samsung phone thank u very much samsung peoples

  165. Satya says:

    Price is very high n sound nt so gud.

  166. Ganesh says:

    i think its 6800 now.

  167. jass says:

    i buy it only 5800……

  168. is this phone a dual sim card phone???? says:

    has this phone released in gujarat (surat)…????

  169. is this phone a dual sim card phone???? says:

    this phone seems to be ralli awsome….. has it releasd in surat???

  170. namanpreet kaur bhoee says:

    this cell is awesome dude

  171. arvind says:

    it is in t-nagar big c

  172. vivek says:

    samsung ka ph mat lo bhai ami la ka pasta raha hoo mara 2 samsung ka ph hai ak to hai m200 aur corby pro is sa china ka ph bahatar hai corby sai bhi china ka screen touch accha hai

  173. hasmukh says:

    wat z itz price in india, gujrat surat ?????????

  174. sam says:

    i am planning to buy samsung corby B3210 corbyTXT is the price 8000

  175. rahulseth says:

    cory walo mai chahata hau ki moble mujhe 5000
    me do nhai to dal lo madachod corby walo itana pele ge dubar koi set nhai lanch kar pao ge i am planning to samsung ka ph mat lo bhai ami la ka pasta raha hoo mara 2 samsung ka ph hai ak to hai m200 aur corby pro is sa china ka ph bahatar hai corby sai bhi china ka screen touch accha haibuy samsung corby B3210 corbyTXT is the price 80Samsung mobiles very very very gud models very powerful power battery backup sexy phones my family all r using samsung phones. my mom e1160. my brother s3310 my lover m2710 & i m using corby pro nokia phone very very waste mobiles ful hunging no battery backup phoones warst phones i hate nokia phone i love samsung phone thank u very much samsung people00

  176. purush says:

    hiii frnds im planning to buy a new phone in 8000 rs budget which one can i prefer pls do tell me which compant phones can i go for ???…. mail me @

  177. Shreeshant says:

    Hai friends am shreeshant am indian player samsung corby its nice phone 9hour battery life ,camera ,touch screen, kepaid , is nice but mp3 volume is bad no problem corby is show to nice model is now 8/04/2010 its price is 5400, but next month his price only 5000 go on & pick up the samsung corby touch phone & haa pro ya plus mat lo only corby lo aapka faida hoga its challenge

  178. Aman says:

    Mera budget 6000-7000 rps hai kaunsa phn acha rahega mere liye. Jisme camera,mp3-mp4 player ho

  179. sudheer says:

    don’t buy samsung corby, it has lots of drawbacks in it. if you try to send a sms to more than 10 at a time it will not allow. you can’t do anything until it sends the sms to all the people which takes longer time and you need to wait till then. some of the keys will not work at all while typing messages. so, be careful about this. also it is very difficult to set a image on the screen.

  180. joey says:

    i just bought my corby yesterday here in Malaybalay Bukidnon at P7,600. all the features of this fon are really cool and awesome…

  181. anusha says:

    where iz da price damit

  182. harry says:

    harry ko bas yahi ich mangta hai or kuch nahi re.

  183. akhil says:

    fadu hai re

  184. anna singh says:

    really a owsome phone. touch with full key.

  185. rrao raj says:

    yaro ji bhar k jeelo

  186. Abhishek-jain says:

    samsung corby mobile phone momery space very low and sound very low and feuture very easy and good mobile price is very high and minimum price:600 only.

  187. noddy says:

    people who want 2 throw money in da drain can buy this phone

  188. suhail says:

    this phone is very smart ]

  189. Antony.J says:

    hey itz a good mob …….just try it.
    contact me at

  190. JATT says:


  191. JATT says:


  192. Chander Mohan says:

    mere pass samsung corby hai main ise vbechna chahta hu par koi ise free mein bhi nahi le raha kehte hain isse acha hai ki phone na ho
    dimag kharab kar diya
    miane nokia ko na kyun kiya samsung kyun liya.

  193. Vijay Bishnoi M. Dabwali says:

    na Nokia changa na LG
    LG mean Luchha Gunda
    Na Samsung Koi mobile na lo yaro khud baat kro face to face.
    Mobile se landline kahin achha hai. Ghar walon ke peise barbaad na kro
    Samsung na laao.
    badi screen per kya dekhoge ye sabhi jante hai…..
    Bura mat dekho OKAY

  194. Vijay Bishnoi M. Dabwali says:

    NOTE: Sabhi Samsung Company wale Sony Ericsson use karte hai.
    Baki aapki marji
    Kyoki Pesa hai aapka….

  195. Brajesh Chhapadia says:

    Plz gift me this mobile

  196. Brajesh Chhapadia says:

    My contact no is-9556030302

  197. suresh says:

    Pls Tell me what is the price of 3650 corby

  198. Suresh says:

    Very Urgent Tell me the price

  199. Irfan says:

    Send me latest news about samsung products

  200. sandeep says:

    really it is very cool……corby……..rokzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  201. manish says:

    dabba set

  202. zuber says:

    its a very bad phone

  203. zuber says:

    samsung ka mobile kabhi mat lena paisa barbad hoga


  204. Backyard Bargain says:

    nice mobile phone. and its functions are very user friendly.

  205. lalit says:

    corby pro or plus me diffrence kaya ha sirf wifi ka ha ya kuch or or friend suggest me kon sa phone lue

  206. lalit says:

    nokia ya samsung

  207. shashank tyagi says:

    very bad mobile star is best and nokia is super star`

  208. krishna says:

    it has a very fast internet and it roxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!
    very nice model
    i’hav not yet decided 2 take it as i’m taking cell 4 d first time in my life and that 2 in 8th std!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    me roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. Sunny says:

    Samsung Corby Has a great look & the price is also good. but please mention me the exact price of this set S3650. so i can buy it

  210. anand says:

    plz give me all type of samsung models & price

  211. Amardeep says:

    Wah oye JATTA…. eh taan vaqya hi notaan nu agg laan vali gall ha…

    Chaa gya guru…

  212. jattguru says:

    lund fone hai,cam ekdum chilka hai…internet isse fast to n70 me chala lo jo kafi purana fone hai…leke pachta raha hu….aur jo ise kharid kar khush ho rhe h shayad unhone sony ericsson ya nokia use nhi kiya hoga kabhi….bas iska widgets on screen feature acha laga…par ye bhi nokia k latest touch fones me customisable hota h….samsung sux…check nokia,sony ericsson fones first b4 buying this shit

  213. lovinder says:

    alisha chinoi u r very sexy…..i wanna fuck you

  214. pooja says:

    plz give mi a real price of samsang corby pop

  215. divyanshu says:

    samsung corby how much costly ???????????
    plz tell me more about this set

  216. manoj colllzzzz... says:

    hey only for your comment of 27 july… corby plus ya pro lena inka price… 6,899 and 9,849 hai haan or tumne pop k rate puche the thats is 5149….rs.

  217. vipnesh says:

    pleaes mail me the accurate price of samsung Corby mobile.

  218. vijay says:

    hi this is vijay plzzzzzzzz send me a mail of all corby models and their prices there is a facility to collect all back side colour panels……plzzzzzzz

  219. Anand Krishna says:

    It is cool to start with the smart phone world , i got it today only…yet to explore more and more..

  220. Anand Krishna says:

    I got it for 6650 INR only just today in Bangalore…in Univercell…it is really good…

  221. amina says:

    ya the phone is sooooooooo cool, but what is the price?

  222. Price in India says:

    Samsung’s S3650 Corby Mobile Phone is one of the good features along with the music. The phone has a good speakers and FM Radio plays really very well. The video formats that are supported by it are MPEG4, 3GP and external memory supports card up 8GB. It has Affordable, Multimedia features complete and Mobile Custom Design.

  223. prem says:

    tomorow i was going to buy corby colours…………is it good to buy this phone…………….
    and i wil use ruf and tuf……… this mobile was good to for me.??????????????//……………please tel

  224. prem says:

    please tel this mobile is good ……………i wil use ruf and tuf.please tel…… suits to me?

  225. sri vidhya says:

    helloo friends,,,
    you can buy this phone
    its really awesome and preety
    the functions are really very goood
    samsung rockzzzzzzzzzzz
    i’m very happy to own samsung corby as my first mobile that too in 9th std
    sound quality is very nice and net connenction is very fast
    i love my cell phone and samsung rockzzzzzzzzzzz

  226. Srinivas M says:

    I Got it 6350 @ Hyderabad. looks good and fucntions also simply superb….

  227. snehal lokhande says:

    hey i want samsun corby s3650 touch phone..
    i don’t know what had happened with my cell phone which i m having s3500
    camera problem n speaker problem..:(:(.
    god seriousl help me out
    so kindly..
    plz tel me the cost n specifications of this phone
    with cost price..:):)

  228. akash says:

    hmm…its lik a beautfu girl..


    i m loving it

  230. mani paul says:

    No words to tell its really fantastic in all way

  231. praveen says:

    i think its better to go for nokia express music stuff……..the software in this mobile is slower comparing to nokia….. and nokia is easier to use……it easily gets infected with virus and the net speed is not fast…..and ofcourse nokia is way more reliable than samsung…..go for nokia…..this phone suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

  232. Ajay Varma says:

    Samsung Corby phones really suck!!! It has nothing in it except for the qwerty keypad.. The OS is terrible , we cannot install any themes, we cannot install any games more than 750KB of size, and there is only one stupid motion sensor game given in my Corby Pro and there are no other supported games, its internet sucks.. very very slow, if I install about 10 applications the phones touch feature gets very slow a lot of times.. lot of people have huge trouble watching Youtube Videos although I never had any problem. We cannot open ebooks more than 28MB of size.. There is no flash in the 3.2Mpxl camera so pics in the dim light do come that good. Even if I connect my Samsung Corby pro with Wifi in my house at 2Mbps speed, the internet in the Corby works like a dial up and the inbuilt dolphin browser is pathetic

    Guyz the phone only looks good from outside, it is the worst of the kind for 10000 rs, do not buy this phone unless u r obsessed with Samsung. Instead go for Nokia or some android phones. They are worth a lot better.

  233. mae says:

    how much is that here in philippines?
    and where i can find that one?

    thanks..i really llike it..

  234. tijina says:

    How much??

  235. Feedback says:

    6350 in hyderabad……India…….

  236. manish says:

    Nice mobile.I would like it to give my girlfriend DIVYA as a gift.India best of luck for this world cup.Rahul Dravid is my favourite cricketer and Shahrukh Khan is favourite acter and Neha Sharma is favourite actress. Buy.I Love you Divya forever.

  237. sarath says:

    I am a corby customer,it is very easy to use ,good camera,good video clarity, i love samsung

  238. gaurav agarwal says:

    its too higher than other mobiles

  239. jayshree says:

    it is the best phone anyone could ever have………………

  240. kajol says:

    this is a very idiotic phone, but my frnd’s dream phone

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