Sign Install unsigned Symbian mobile softwares with certificate error

Few months back, I wrote a post on how to sign and install unsigned Symbian applications. Due to two three months of inactivity and increased requests from my friends here, now I am again dealing with this topic. Like any Windows software, as a security measure, a mobile software  should also be digitally signed to ensure that it’s safe to install on the target device. Digital signing should be done by software authors or by the users. In in most of the cases, a certificate is associated with genuine mobile software. Here we have few tips to sign unsigned mobile applications.

There are three different methods to sign and install unsigned Symbian software.

1. Turn of the certificate checking feature in your mobile phone.

Go to your mobile phones’ applications app manager and open settings. From the setting’s tab, select to install all applications, instead of signed applications. ( Valid only for Symbian and Nokia phones)

2. Install unsigned Symbian software using developer certificates from website. is place for mobile software developers where they get their applications digitally signed. Here you can upload your applications and download the signed versions that can be directly installed. But for registering at website, users need their own email address, that is something like They won’t accept Gmail, Yahoo and other normal email addresses.

3. Sign and install mobile software using existing certificate and key file: The third method is using a pre-created certificate and key file for local signing of unsigned Symbian mobile software This method needs three things. A certificate file, key file and signing software(Signsis.exe) .

( SignSIS needs Microsoft. NET framework 3.5 that is to be downloaded separately )

Sign Install unsigned Symbian applications

If have a certificate and key file , as shown above, you can sign any Symbian mobile software using SignSIS . Use Password for key file as 00000 . Now if your want Certificate and key file for your phone, just subscribe to’s feed and then post your IMEI number and mobile phone information in comment box .

SignSIS & sign Symbian Nokia mobile software .

Please don’t publish your email and IMEI number here.

Update: Checkout this article to download .CER and .KEY file and sign Symbian application for free.

305 thoughts on “Sign Install unsigned Symbian mobile softwares with certificate error

  1. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Vishal.
    I want certificate & key file for my nokia 5320.


    I'll be very very very thankful to you…!

  2. samir

    help me pls.i have a nokia n82 mobile phone.pls pls send me a certificate & a key.i don't know how to get imei no. 358984014986197 . my email number .pls help me.

  3. Anonymous

    Model–Nokia 5320XM

    i hv also signed up 4 your feed………

  4. amin

    Hi,can u hide imei number or just delete my post if inconvenient for u. Just due to security concerns. Thnx

  5. Bejoy


    I am having Nokia e90 Communiicator and my IMEI no is 353659017298411, pls get me a cer file.. thx in advance

  6. JARH

    IMEI: 355712024635196
    MADE: NOKIA 6120classic

    Waiting for the cert. and the key file…

  7. José Antonio

    IMEI: 355712024635196
    MADE: NOKIA 6120classic

    Waiting for the cert. and the key file…

  8. Gizmo

    IMEI: 352924022341676

    Please send me the cert. and the key file. Thanks!

  9. admin

    Hello friends :

    Due to limited time and excessive requests , we are currently not providing certificates and key files to Sign and Install your unsigned Symbian mobile softwares . But soon we will add someone to our team so that he will fulfill your requirements .

  10. biney

    hi good day. hope to get the certificate and key file phone is N82 and the IMEI no. is 358082019303888. plz send those files to my email id as thank u so much.hope to see ya soon.

  11. ovidiu.solomon

    Pease help me, i would really appreciate and never forget. I tried all possibilities to get my certificate and key for my nokia e52 but none works!
    My phone: Nokia E53
    IMEI: 355216034423601

    My e-mail:

  12. majumabhi22

    My IMEI no is-356939033383521
    Plz send me the certificate and the key,Thank You in advance………..

  13. meshop

    Hi, please can I get my Certificate and Key please.
    IMEI NO: 356836024706209
    PHONE MODEL: Nokia E63

    Thank You.

  14. Kanyingi

    Hi I have a nokia n95 imei 35483501220115
    v 12.0.013
    please help…
    When updating with the updater it says not enough memory

  15. John

    Has anyone actually received anything, I signed up ages ago and have not received the certificate and key file. I am wondering whether this is a con to obtain imei numbers!

  16. mengistu

    i have a problem of intalling symbian application which have sis/sisx format in my N95 nokia mobile. This msg is appears, the certificate is not valid yet and phone date setting is expired. Pls send me the phone symbian certificate

  17. mengistu

    hi dear Author, i have posted certificate validation request yesterday regarding to a problem intalling symbian sis/sisx file app, b/s this msg. appeares, that my phone cert not yet valid or phone date expired. I use nokia N95-1 with IMEI:352O26022712797 &the code 0534856.pls send me the corect certificate. Thank u

  18. swain

    MODEL: NOKIA 5230

  19. José Azevedo

    IMEI: 353382046519844

    Nokia 5800 XM

    Please can you send me the certificate and valid key ?

    Thank you

  20. Harpreet

    When ever i install any app my mobile hangs and i have to restart it. No app install with PC suit also.i am using Nokia 2600classicß

  21. wichit

    Nokia 5230 xm

    IMEI 355740021280864


  22. __ijk

    please please send me the key and cer files for my
    Nokia E63
    IMEI 356838024452826

    Thousands of thanks in advance!

  23. Tak Sela

    HI, It’s me again. I’m using Nokia 5800 express music
    my imie number: 353184038284951
    please send me the correct certificate for my phone. i’m looking forward you reply..

  24. dany

    Va salut,

    Un certificat + key pentru un Nokia 5230 . ……………. imei 359351035367246 multumesc anticipat

  25. waiminhtet

    i need cer and key file
    IMEI is 359387034293876
    so …plz…mail me…..

  26. Coul aziz

    Bsr svp jaimerai obtenir un certfile et un valid key pour mon nokia e65 imie.353261015168561 please help me

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