Tata photon TV subscription plans

Tata photon TV subscription plansLive streaming video channels can be found in some websites. Nobody might have thought of an ISP to provide live TV programs through their device. But TTL has again surprised its users by launching Photon TV. Tata Photon plus users can enjoy watching television on their laptop or PC whether they are at home, on the move or at office. The working of photon TV is quiet cool. Users are presented with live TV feed from various sports, news, entertainment and regional channels. Channels that are not live can be viewed from a library of recorded programs. Photon TV tariff plans is calculated on the basis of mobile broadband usage.The recently launched prepaid plan of Tata Photon plus would help the users to control their usage to the limits.

How to use Tata Photon Plus TV:

In order to enjoy Photon TV the users have to download and install Photon Plus TV application. Install the application and open it from the desktop shortcuts. Make sure that you have connected to Tata Photon Plus mobile broadband and on place with good signal strength. Then you can watch more than 40 TV channels online. The Channel list growing.

TATA Photon TV – Plan, Tariff and Subscription Charges:

Subscription rate for a single channel is about Rs 4/- per month.
In addition to this you can go for the following two packages:
A package of 10 channels named as My 10 can be enjoyed at Rs 29 per month.
Another package consisting of all the available channels can be enjoyed at Rs 75 per month under the name My Full Pack.

The above are subscription charges. In addition to this there’s is the normal Tata photon plus data usage charges according to the plan you are on. So if you are a TV fan and ready to spend few extra amount for mobile TV experience, then Tata photon TV is a good choice. The disadvantage is that the Photon Plus coverage is not available in all locations.

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