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Videocon mobile price and specifications

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Videocon mobile price range and specifications

Videocon mobile

Videocon, one of the oldest home appliances brand in India announced their entry into mobile phone market. They launched a set of mobile devices enabled with touch, dual SIM, multimedia, music and camera. Videocon brand had a complete makeover in recent days. Their expertise in electronic appliances helped them to deliver professionally designed mobile phones with plenty of features and moderate price. Eight of the first ten video mobile phones are dual SIM. Airfone, Karbon, Maxx mobile and now Videocon contribute to dual SIM mobile segment in India. The Videocon brand name would help them to make the most out from the fastest growing mobile market in the world.

Videocon V2950 Touch price and specifications :

Videocon V2950 is Windows mobile 6.1 enabled touch handset. V2950 is currently tops the Videocon mobile range. This single SIM phone has very fast 624MHz microprocessor. Specifications include large 3.2-inch TFT touch screen display, GPS, Wi-Fi, 8GB expandable memory, 2 batteries, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth with A2DP and 3.2 MP Autofocus camera.

Price: 18995 INR

Videocon V1750 Touch mobile price and specifications:

Dual SIM touch phone focuses potential customers in entry-level touch segment. Currently we have best sellers Samsung Star, LG Cookie and Samsung Corby in this series. Almost the same features in these phones are available in Videocon V1750 with additional dual SIM facility. Its specs includes 3.2 inch TFT touch screen, EDGE,GPRS, 3.2 mega pixel camera with autofocus, accelerometer sensor ,expandable memory up to 8GB, Bluetooth with A2DP, Bass enhancer , Smart Divert , Mobile tracker, FM, music and video player.

Price :9795 INR.

Other Videocon mobile devices:

Videocon mobile price and specifications

Videocon mobile phones

As you can see in the above image, almost all Videocon phones come with plenty of features. Apart from Dual SIM, some of them include 1800mAh battery that stays long. Price of these phone are given below (from top left to bottom)

Videocon V1604 and V1502 (multimedia): Costs 5595 and 4995 INR.
Videocon V1405, V1403, V1401 (Camera): Costs 4060, 3695 and 3450 INR.
Videocon V1302, V1303, V1301 (Music): Costs 3095,2750 and 2895 INR.

Videocon V200: Basic color phone with FM radio, torch and color display costs 1695 INR. The very special feature is FM recording that is not even available in high profile Nokia phones.

Videocon managed to keep the prices as low as possible. Success ultimately depends upon quality of the product, feedback, service facilities and of course the advertising campaign.

Update: Videocon launched GSM mobile services in India. More details and tariff plans are available here.

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51 Responses to “Videocon mobile price and specifications”
  1. Anonymous says:

    is this mobile is made in china,like htc,LG,Samsang and other brand. if this is made in india then this vediocon mobile best than any mobile choose made in india

  2. Anonymous says:

    these phones seem much overpriced as compaired to the spice phones.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Though features are good but its overpriced in higher segment.why should anyone go for a new brand at such a high price

  4. Djmim says:

    Yes these mobiles are highly overpriced.
    Nwdays basic ful tuch scrin cels cn b as low as rs6500. Samsung corby cn b bot at this price thru many retailers.
    Nokia 5230 and 5233 are long run tuch fones wid best o.s.
    If these mobiles donot lower their costs, videocon will have to remove their markets from india

    Jahnvi Saxena
    Inspector of Mobile Technology

  5. aneesh says:

    thase mobails are higly cost

  6. Atul says:

    Phones are good but price of every model is high in comparison of micromax and gfive

  7. raja says:

    its really super but cost is one major problem if u really take care of cost.i say nobody will win in ur product.

  8. Prasoon says:

    I think its price is very high but it’s have a lots of feature then other brands.if videocon reduse its price then they can get succes in indian market.

  9. yuvaraj says:

    new madal mobial technology

  10. kamal says:

    it is too costly for me i want purchase a multimedia in 4000 and it wont be.

  11. Kailash says:

    Windows mobile are a little bit costly.
    I am searching for Windows mobile with the competetive price.

  12. vivek says:

    are CDMA phones available?

  13. vivek says:

    does videocon also manufacture/market phones with CDMA technology?

  14. monya says:

    daba hai videocon ka mobile

  15. mukesh sharma says:

    I want a dual sim mobile(gsm+cdma) you have this facility .Please send me rate & futchers tha same handset

  16. gagan gupta says:

    i wanna a camera mobil wid flash at lower price can u tel me

  17. aman says:

    i want know can v1750 provide high peed internet & gprs service?

  18. aman says:

    i want know can v1750 provide high speed internet & gprs service?

  19. Abdulquader75 says:

    It is hillarious i think it is gillariou

  20. Sreejith says:

    I would like to know about lowest price range of handsets with the features such as camera(not VGA) with flash, music player with good sound quality, videoplayer, gprs and internet facility, fm, memory card 4 GB, bluetooth, 3G

  21. Sajid says:

    The rate is too high but I want a dual sim mobile(gsm+cdma) you have this facility .Please send me rate & futures the same handset

  22. sameer says:

    rates are very high. pls work on it

  23. Vivek Dobriyal says:

    Absolutly right .

  24. Vivek Dobriyal says:

    Not speacial features in these rates .
    It’s a new compny in this field so price should be comptetive according to other compnies like Micromax ,Spice ,Samsung etc.

  25. Vivek Dobriyal says:

    I want a multimidiea phone with dule sim and e z pad facility

  26. khushboo says:

    Can we use reliance cdma sim in this phone?
    If yees pls give me information

  27. manish saroj says:

    price is quit high

  28. manish saroj says:

    i want a dule sim mobile with touch screen…… plz send me information as soon as possible…..

  29. sukhjinder says:

    ya ,,its price so high…so i rejected this ……….

  30. Saravanan says:

    Price very high

  31. Neelesh says:

    pls tell if any mobile with CDMA & GSM service with all fetures

  32. Swarup says:

    Ya….These mobiles is good, but one problem is price…..If some body is getting same features will less price, why he will purchase the videocon mobiles in high price????

  33. himanshu saxena says:

    Videocon is the upcomming leader.Its Its Directly effects nokia and samsung.yup i agree,If these mobiles donot lower their costs, videocon will have to remove their markets from india.

    Himanshu Saxena
    Sr Data Analyst

  34. PRAKASH SEN says:


  35. SUBHASH SAHU says:

    I think its price is very high and it’s like a china phone .if videocon reduse its price then they can get succes in indian market otherwise………videocon will have to remove their markets from india.

  36. Deepak Kumar says:

    The Main Problem is the higher price of the phone and lower quality of the phone like china set if they will reduces its price they can get success in the indian market

  37. Rajesh says:

    i want dual mobile lowest rate please tell me which is better mobile for me

  38. shaikh abubakar says:

    I want videocon simcards

  39. bablu says:

    samsung is the best selling phones bcz its high quality and low price ,videocon is costly than samsung , first improve

  40. Vijith says:

    I need dual sim mobile with 3g

  41. vilish says:


  42. Rashid says:

    i have work experiance in aircel network kerala calicut dist
    dse (distributer sales exi)
    rse (retailar sales exi)

  43. tera bhapa says:

    videocon mobile copy right from china softwear, but thay try to built ther own product and say exprince in change, actualy videocon mobile are un complet softwear,basttery is 2 good for charge hotay raho gand may lagthay raho.

  44. tera bhapa says:

    videocon mobil v1405 ka USB port keskay andhar dal ne kailey hai. kya gand may! for more charge think the differance

  45. senthil says:

    1405 is the best phone for long time talking personls its rate also very low very good and keep it up, but usb card attach with computer it is only charging not opening phone

  46. anil chauhan says:

    videocon mobiles r highly costly
    to buy

  47. eggroup says:

    very very bad mobil in videocon mobiles v2950 its web site duel sim mentioned but it is not dul sim it very bad to working this mobile

  48. jitendra gangwar says:

    hello sir i wanted to be distributer ship of this gsm service in UP BAREILLY.
    my contact no. is 9897000485, & email id is

  49. vijay mehta says:

    i have purchased videocon v1675

    but i dont no how it connect with p c plese guide me

  50. ashik says:

    vediocon mobile normal quality phone but pro price heavy quality but don’t worry normal phone normal price available ( wiwo g five)commente by ashik

  51. ramesh says:

    i want gsm+cdma please price list

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